Thursday, April 19, 2012

Personal Demons : Book Review

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Title : Personal Demons

Series :  Personal Demons  #1
Author : Lisa Desrochers
Pages : 365 pages
Release Date : Sept. 14 2010
Publisher : Tor Teen
Format : Paperback
Source :  Bought - Owned

My Opinion :

Two hot guys in one book? I'm in!

I mean it! That's what I thought while reading the summary. I mean, who doesn't love a hot guy. And, imagine two hot guys? That'S like, paradise of something!

Frannie is a Catholic girl. Even though she stopped believing in God after the incident that killed her brother and twin. So, she got kicked out of catholic school and got sent to a normal high school.Then, Luc, a (hot) demon (demons are always hot, just so you know) comes to tag her soul for hell. And to do so, he has to make her do a sin. But, Frannie isn't just any girl; she'S special. Not special as if 'crazy-in-the-head' , but special as if 'hell-and-heaven-are-trying-to-get-to-her-first-because-of-her-powers' kind of special. Yup. And then, the other hot guy comes in. He's an Angel, and is named Gabe. Frannie likes loves the two (but I prefer hot Luc *giggles*)

I especially loved Luc, and I didn't like that Frannie wouldn't choose him! I mean, demons are hot as hell (pun intended. Well, kinda). Luc was just... badass. He loved Frannie, which made him less like a demon and more like a human.

Frannie was a great main character, aside from the fact that she couldn't recognize the real Luc *sigh*, and also that she couldn't figure out who she liked best between the two hot boys (I mean, isn't it obvious; Luc. But, Frannie, you can always take Gabe and I'll take Luc!)

I didn't really like Frannie's friends, though. I mean, I didn't adore them, nor hated. I though they were okay.

And Gabe. Gabe was just... too angely (you know what I mean). It'S just that I always love any badass boy (only in books, though), then goody-two-shoes boys.

The writing was really well-paced; not too fast and not too slow, which, I like. Well, I like any pace, actually; it just has to go with the story. I also really LOVED the way the author wrote the story; I really liked the vocabulary, too.

The thing about the cover is that I don't think Frannie, in  my mind, looks like the girl on the cover. But Gabe does look a bit like that, though!

I will be reading Original Sin soon, so look out for a review of that too!

4 roses!

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**Last Rite hasn't released yet**

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Author Bio : 
Lisa DesrochersLisa Desrochers lives in central California with her husband and two very busy daughters. It was her oldest daughter’s love of books that first inspired her to write for young adults. There is never a time that she can be found without a book in her hand, and she adores stories that take her to new places, and then take her by surprise. 

Growing up all over the country has inspired wanderlust and she loves travel, which works out well because she lectures internationally on a variety of health care topics. She has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and maintains a full-time practice in California. 


  1. I've been meaning to read this book forever. I did hear it has two hot guys! I love demons and I love angels and I love it when they both fight over a girl LOL

  2. I'm excited to read the second book!
    It's sitting on my bookshelf now but it has to wait its turn! :D

  3. i didnt really like this book too much!

  4. I really enjoyed this book as well! I went back and forth on if I liked Luc or Gabe more. I only gave it 3 stars though because I didn't like that Frannie kept going back and forth. I hope she gets better in the second book!

  5. Loooved it!I <3 Gabe! I just won a copy of original sin and can't wait to get my hands on it! Awesome review.