Review Policy/Contact Me

The books I review are meant to be fun for me to review. 

My reviews are only an opinion of mine, and if anyone would find it disturbing and/or mean, please email me, and I will see what I can do.

Take note that if you ask me to review your book, it doesn't mean I'll put a review that is good for your book.

I will only read books that are published/going to be published. Self-published is accepted too.

Review Requests:
Current Status : OPEN to physical books only
If anyone would want me to review a book, then they have send me a email. If I do not response within 2 weeks, then it's either because I do not wish to review the book or because I am sick, or taking a vacation.

When contacting me for a review request, I need the following information:

  • Obviously, the TITLE
  • A summary (or a link to a summary)
  • The book cover
  • Please make sure that I review the type of book you send me.

The genre's I review :

Any Young Adult and Middle Grade read. I NOW ACCEPT ADULT BOOKS! Although, only romance and paranormal romance and historical romance :D It doesn't mean I'll accept it immediately, I will take a look at it. The book has to be physical!

I do not review other genres.

You can contact me to get a review, my email is foreverlostinbooks(at)gmail(dot)com

P.S. : If you send me your book, it doesn't mean I'll review it, but I'll surely do a mini-review if I read it! :D

So, here's my wishlist!


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