Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hardcovers vs. Paperpacks vs. Mass Markets vs. eBooks

 Today, we are discussing Hardcovers vs. Paperpacks vs. Mass Markets vs. eBooks. I'll be stating some ups and downs for each.

HC vs. PB vs. Mass M. vs. eBooks

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Ups : Hardcovers are the best of these formats, for me. The spines are almost always the same heights, and so my Hardcovers shelves look pretty. Also, you have the 'hardness' of the book. It's hard to damage it. When I read Hardcovers, I take the jacket off, because, first, I don't want to damage it, and second, it doesn't feel comfortable when you hold it.

Downs : It's heavy, and the most expensive of all


Ups : They sometimes have different covers from Hardcovers, which means, if you don't like the HC cover, you can get another one! Also, it's not too heavy

Down : They have many different sizes. That's a MAJOR down.

Mass Markets

Ups : They sometimes have different covers from Hardcovers, like the Paperbacks! They are easy to carry, in pockets and everything! And, they are the cheapests of physical formats!

Down : They are little, easy to damage, and are sometimes hard to open without damaging it.


Ups : They sometimes are cheaper than other formats, and you can carry many eBooks on ONE Tablet.

Downs : Prices are sometimes more expensive than physical formats, which doesn't make sense to me. You don't have the 'feel' of real books, and you can't see their pretty spines in your bookshelves. You don't have to smell of books.

As I said, I prefer HARDBACKS :D

So, which do you like better? Why? Which do you like the least, and why? Leave your opinion in the comments below!


  1. I did not know about the difference between paperbacks and hardcovers :p

    Personally, I grew up buying Enid Blyton in hardcover, but almost everything else in paperback, so I guess I have a partiality to paperbacks (hardcovers are more of a childhood association thing).

    Ebooks on the other hand, I have learnt to embrace only recently, because it is way easier (and cheaper) to get English ebooks than actual books here in Japan.


  2. I'm torn between hardcovers and paperbacks - most of my books are paperbacks and I love the fact that they're not as heavy (and expensive) as hardbacks but hardcovers definitely last longer.