Monday, April 30, 2012

Why You Should Not Hate On Authors a.k.a. How to NOT Write a Stupid Review

Alright, so I've had this idea for a long time, and I just HAD to get it out of my head!

It has come to my attention that some book reviewers(and I am not naming anyone, because I don't even remember their names... but yeah.. XD)  don't review the book... but the author. They go on about how the author is stupid and how they hated the author.

And I was like ' Wait... WHAT?!?!?' I

I mean, you can dislike/hate the book, but not HATE the author. You may not like the book he/she wrote, but that doesn't mean you dislike the author. And even if you do, why say that in your review of the book. Not of the author.

The only way you could kinda criticize the author himself/herself is by talking about the writing. That's what I do, and I am, in no way, showing my dislike of the author. I am sure that any author I didn't like the book of,if I could meet him/her in person and get to know him (or her *Sigh*, you get it, right?) better, I wouldn't dislike him.

The point of a review is not of hating on the author even if you hated the book. Saying the author has no talent in writing; let me just tell you, at least he WROTE a book! That's more than loads of people are able to do! I know I have a hard time writing. I love writing, but I never finish a book :S And, at least that author can finish a book, if you've read it, right? Also, keep in mind that, normally, even if the book is self-pubbed, the book has been read and edited by an editor. And, if it's published by a traditional publisher, than the book ahs been read and edited and approved and reread so much, that you can't deny the talent of the author for making it as far as being published. You may not have liked the book, or the writing, but, please, please, write a review on the book.

The only way you could dislike a author if is they weren't nice to you when you denied a review request, or just not nice to you, but you DON'T have to include that in any post, or name anyone, for that matter, if you really have to post a rant about it.

So... what do you think? Do you hate it when someone includes their opinion of the author in their review? Comment below!


  1. I think with social media there is a way to know whether you like or dislike an author.. I can recall a certain situation where an author made themselves out to be a very ugly person and although I did read part of what happened, I just went out and purchased her book because of the good reviews I've heard and I had it signed (I did not attend the signing because I may not have been able to bite my tongue). I dislike the author as a person but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy the book.. and if I do, I'll write an honest review that I enjoyed it and will leave my personal feelings aside.

    That being said, I don't think it's okay to talk about your dislike/hatred of an author in your review, so I agree with you completely.

    To each their own though because I doubt they will have many readers if they bash someone because they didn't like a book.

  2. Very good point.