Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Book Recap - Spoiler Alert - New AWESOME Blog

Hey roses,

so, a while ago (about a month ago) Harmony from Harmony's Radiant Reads asked on twitter if some people wanted to participate in a new book blog. It's basically a book blog where some other bloggers (like me!) are going to post book summaries. With spoilers. And, it's called Spoiler Alert!

You must be asking yourself why we're doing that, right? Well, sometimes, when you've read, for example, the second book in a series, then the third book comes out a year after you've read the second, and you just don't remember what happened in the second book, and you don't want to reread it. So, that't why we got this blog!

Isn't that an awesome idea? That, why I jumped on the idea (and also I wanted to work with one of my favorite bloggers :D) And so, we'll be posting our recaps soon enough, so watch out and go on Spoiler Alert!

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