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The Opposite of Tidy : Book Review

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Title : The Opposite of Tidy

Series :  -
Author : Carrie Mac
Pages : (my copy) 361
Release Date : April 10th 2012
Publisher : Razorbill / Penguin Canada
Format : ARC
Source :  
**Thank you to Penguin Canada for providing an ARC in exchange of an honest review!**

My Opinion :

The Opposite of Tidy was a moving and heart-breaking book.

It's the story of Junie, the daughter of a hoarder. Her mother keeps buying junk and crap from the Sopping Channel. And their house is about to explode. Junie's father left them to That Woman, a social worker (or something like that) who was supposed to help Junie's mother get back on track (I guess she didn't do that.... bitch...). Then, Junie meets this guy, Wade, and she lies to him about her parents. About were she lives. But, it comes flinging back at her at full speed.

The Opposite of Tidy is a great and fast read that sucks you in from the moment you start it.

I really liked this contemporary book a lot. I have watched some shows about hoarders, and it has always disgusted me a whole lot, but now, I feel like I know a bit better the problem. It normally comes from something traumatizing.

The writing is pretty fast-paced, and this book is hard to put down!

I especially like Tabitha, Junie's best friend, because she's really supportive of Junie, even if she disagrees with what Junie did.

Junie was a little whiny... and she threw loads of fits, but, I guess that was her role as a main character to do that.

I thought that Wade wasn't involved enough in the book... I really like romance, and I felt like it wasn't developed enough (romance ALWAYS (well, most of the time) makes the book better! Not clichéd romance, but REAL romance! *dreamy sigh*)

In the beginning, I really loved this book, but, it got a little less better in the middle and in the end (why, oh why?). I just didn't like the fits Junie threw and how mean she was to her mother. I mean, it's not by telling her how much of a useless mother she is that is going to make it better!

Overall, a great book!


4 roses!

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Author Bio : 

graphicWhen Carrie Mac was born, her right eye gawked off in one direction while her left eye looked the other way. Well meaning adults thought she was a changeling and so they wrapped her up and put her on the porch for the fairies to take back, please and thank you. It was snowing. It was dark. No fairies came. The same well meaning adults decided she'd catch her death out there. So they brought her in and kept her after all. 

She's read millions of books, and has sat happily at the feat of a legion of storytellers. She is equally fascinated by disaster and grace. car wrecks, hurricanes, plagues, and genocides on the one hand, small and stunning everyday miracles on the other. She sometimes wishes she were a pirate. She'd often wished she'd run away and joined the circus when she had the chance. She spends a great deal of time in the company of her imagination, and when she isn't, she's wide eyed and awed by this planet and the people running amok all over it. 

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