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The Broken Destiny Blog Tour / Interview

 Hey roses! So, I am a part of THE BROKEN DESTINY blog tour! Here's my interview with the author!

Where did you write the most (at home? Starbucks, etc.?)
Definitely in my study.

Carlyle LabuschagneWhat's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Vanilla. :D

If you could choose any boy in a book to live with forever, who would it be?
OH gosh it would be too save to say Troy (From the Broken Series). Because I kind of know him most days. But there would be a few.  Harlin from A Need so Beautiful by Suzanne Young. Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices. Patch from the Hush Hush series.

 Did you have a schedule while writing Broken Destiny, and if you did, what was it?
In the beginning no. But finally, two years later, I have found my moments when I work best. I work during the day so after the family has been seen to I, kids are fast asleep. I spend some time with hubby, read a bit. Catch a nap and resume my writing between 11pm and 4am. Every other day, as I spend a lot of time on the road I need to make sure my brain is on full alert while driving.
Weekends I write when I can, as much as I can, keeping in mind - I love spending time with my kids.

 Did you make the cover? If not, who? If yes, how?
No I did not make my cover- although I had several cover mockups. My publishing company made the cover. I chose the images and they put it together for me.

 What would be the most surprising thing you didn't know would happen by becoming an author?
Wow all of it. I came to this industry pretty much blind. I wrote the Manuscript and only decided once I signed my publishing contract to get moving on marketing. Things for authors are much different in South Africa then overseas. The welcomes and love I have received from all my social media groups have truly been most fun, encouraging and phenomenal. The generosity of book bloggers as yourself - you guys make us! I will always be grateful.

What would you say to your younger self as you were beginning to write Broken Destiny?
Be honest.

Resume your book in five words or less!
To Rise Above the fall.

Where did you get the idea for your novel?
I decided to write it, and it all just fell into place as I went along. The initial idea was definitely to be Science fiction. Set on another planet. The writing for me was about a girl who overcomes her own disappointments set against a world where she had a tremendous destiny. Her biggest challenge to believe in herself to fulfill her Destiny.

Most embarrassing moment?
Umm I was about 13, late for school, running towards class when I tripped and fell, my dress falling over my head. Def. not my proudest moment.

And, finally, thanks for answering those questions. A last word (or more)?
Believe in yourself. Challenge yourself. Make your dreams happen.
~Don’t let fear cripple your ability, let love give you wings. ~

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