Thursday, December 29, 2011

Legend : Book Review

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                Title : Legend
Series : Legend #1
Pages : 305
Author : Marie Lu
Publisher : Putnam Juvenile
Format : Hardcover
Source : Bought - Owned

My Opinion : Legend is Marie Lu’s striking
debut novel, in books as well as in YA. And
Marie Lu has done it gracefully, with no noticeable mistakes; an extravagant book.

Legend evolves around Day (or Daniel as we find out in the end of the book, oh, and he’s a boy) and June. Each chapter is either in Day or June’s point of view (POV). They are in a post-apocalyptic time. And their government (the Society) is fighting both the Patriots and the Colonies (or are they the same?). Until now, you may think they are both the same… nope. Day lives in the streets and is a really looked-for criminal, and June is a prodigy of the Society. That’s because Day failed (or he presumably failed) the Trials, a huge test every 10 years old has to take, and June has got the highest score: 1500/1500. Yup… nerd much? Anyways, Day supposedly killed June’s brother and last family member, but *spoiler!!!* it’s not him, but one of June’s (presumed) friends * spoiler’s done*. Oh, right, and Day got caught and is going to get killed…

I hope that my summary has got you wanting needing Legend! Because when I read Goodreads Summary, I put it in my to-reads so quickly and put it on my Christmas wishlist. And I got it!» Yippee!

The characters all have a well-developed background which is sometimes told effectively, sometimes just summarized. I personally liked Tess a lot; she reminded me of one of my best friends; caring, nice, and not a bad thought about anyone. Also, I liked the two main characters, and Day was pretty awesomely hawt!

You have to understand that I’m hurrying through this book review because I jumped on my (parent’s) computer as soon as I had finished it. I read it in about 6 hours (Take out some time eating, bathroom breaks, some stupid interruptions, and a short time RPing on the computer).

At first, the cover is super beautiful; some may think that’s why I read it, but no, it’s because  of the many Goodreads reviews recommending it and the summary. I own a copy and it looks great on my shelf, just besides Shatter Me.

4/5 roses


  1. Very nice review, Cat! Now I feel like reading it!

  2. Thanks Stephii, I hope you read it; you'll love it!