Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Matched : Book Review!

                                                    Matched (Matched, #1)

Title : Matched
Series : Matched #1
Pages : 366
Author : Ally Condie
Publisher : Dutton Juvenile
Format : Hardcover
Source : Library (But maybe will buy!)

My Opinion : I decided to (finally) do a book review on Matched, one of the best books I read this year. Please note that I read it in June, so the review is going to be shorter, and it won't have many details. I also decided to review it since I am reading it's sequel, Crossed, and will be putting up a review on the blog soon. So...

Matched was a kind of mix of The Hunger Games and of The Giver, from what I think, since the two 'societies' are controlled a lot (and when  I say controlled, I mean even their food is monitored, well, that's in Matched) and, since I loved the two books... well, actually, I loved The Hunger Games and liked The Giver, but that's just... never mind! Since I loved/liked the two books, well, I loved Matched!!!!

Matched was so great! I love the plot; a three-way dramatic romance, well developed characters, and obviously a story that catches the eye.

I really loved Ky; I think he's the best for Cassia and I hope she'll choose him and not Xander, even though Xander is cute and sweet, but Ky is... HOT AND AWESOME!

The writing was maybe slow, but that's what it took for the story to be as good as it is. It's awesome and great, with a writing that flows easily.

The cover is jaw-dropping! I bought Crossed (the sequel) and it looks a-mah-ZING on my shelf, so I think I am going to buy the first one!

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