Saturday, December 03, 2011

Hereafter : Book Review

 Series: Hereafter #1
Author: Tara Hudson
  Format: Hardcover
  Page Count: 404
 Source: Library

My (High!) Opinion : Hereafter was a purely great book about a 

ghost - Amelia- and a human who almost died -Joshua. And they 

slowly fall in love. The reason Joshua can see Amelia, for one thing is 

that his grandma is a Seer, and so is he. Also.... well... he had a Near-

Death-Experience. I thought it was awesome how Amelia got flash-

backs of her death, and she finally understood what had happened 

*Spoiler!* Evil Eli killed her* Okay.... no more spoiler*

I thought Joshua was sweet. And hot :D. Also, him and Amelia made a 

really cute couple, even though I'd like to keep Joshua for myself.

Eli was.... a creepy and frustratingly confident ghost, and you can 
probably tell I didn't like him. I hated him. And I want to kill him... if 
that's possible since he's already dead. 

The writing was action-packed and fast-paced. Hereafter is one of 
them few books who got me sweating and nervous during the entire 
book.... most ghost books do that. The writing was also detailed and
was effortless to read.

I finished the book at school, while we had some free time, and I 
wanted instantly some more. I didn't want it to end; I wanted to get 
more of Amelia and Joshua's story now (I still want!)

There is supposed to be a sequel coming out in June 2012, and I think 

I think anyone should read this book, it really is great; I loved it!

4.5/5 stars.

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