Saturday, December 10, 2011

Within : Book Review


Title: Within
Series: -
Pages : 137
Author: Clare C. Marshall
Publisher: Faery Ink Press
Format: Epub (eBook)
Source : Free Blog Tour

My (High!) Opinion : Within was surprisingly brilliant. This was my first time taking a self-published debut author, and I had really low expectations, since this was my first time and I didn't want to get deceived.

It all began with Trinity (I like that name :D) and Zack; how they met. They seemed to almost instantly click, as if they were soul mates. And Ellie, Trinity's best friend, seemed to like Zack. Like him a little too much actually. Then happened the heartbreaking car accident, where they lost Trinity. They didn't lose her entirely, she just wasn't herself anymore. She was more like a three years old in a seventeen/eighteen years old body. Then, she starts writing a story, and it seems to help her a little. The problem is, the story was real... and it was happening...

The beginning was like a soft cupcake (which I love). It melted easily and made sense, getting its reader's attention entirely, and leaving me thinking about what was going to happen late at night, and imagining different scenarios and possibilities.

When in the middle of the book, you discovered about the kind-of vampires... and that they were killing the so-called Impures, the ones that weren't what they thought was perfect.

In the end... nuh huh, I won't spoil anything. You'll have to buy it; it's worth it!

The characters weren't developed a lot, but it was okay; they were sweet and lovely.

The writing was not simple; nor complicated. Just well enough and radiating through every pages you flipped.

The cover is beautiful, really. I wonder if it represents Trinity... mmmh, I'll have to ask the author.

4/5 stars!

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