Friday, December 30, 2011

Hearts at Stake : Book Review

Title: Hearts at Stake
Series : Drake Chronicles#1
Pages : 248
Author : Alyxandra Harvey
Publisher : Bloomsbury
Format : Paperback
Source : Bought - Owned

My Opinion : This book was recommended to me by one of my fellow book blogger friends, Stephii from BookFever . Of course, since we have similar tastes in books, I decided to give it a try, and so I put it on my Christmas wishlist. And one Christmas morning, I saw that Santa Claus (also known as Dad and Mom) had come by and left Hearts at Stake as a neatly-wrapped present. I was really happy to get it as a present, since the summary held a great promise.

Solange is special. She’s the only girl to be born a vampire in about nine hundred years, and she is a Drake, which is one of the ancient families. And she is in danger, since of how unique she is, and also because an old prophecy that talked about the next female born vampire. Here’s the thing; while she’ll change into a vampire at sixteen, she’ll be so weak, and people want to kill her for many reasons (one being that the queen wants to kill her since she is a treat to her crown). And then she meets the vampire bounty hunter Kieran, human, and falls in love with him. Lucy, her best friend, is protected by the Drakes because she is kind of part of the family, and she’s human. She has always found Nicholas, Solange’s brother, annoying, but it seems like it’s turning into something more… romantic.

My favorite character has to be Lucy. She’s just so funny and a fighter. I loved it when she punched Nicholas’ nose, and when she also punched Kieran’s. It was so funny! She seems like a good friend :D. Nicholas looked sweet (and hot), and I liked Solange, who was independent and stuborn, kind of like Lucy.

I really like this book. It was a quick read (I read it in about 2 and a half hours), and it was face-paced and held your attention.

It’s super beautiful in my library! It may be little, but it sure is an awesome story. I’ll be sure to buy the rest of the series!

4/5 roses


  1. I'm glad you liked it :D If you ever get to Bleeding Hearts (Drake Chronicles #4) you won't believe what happens at the end :D
    Lucy's one of my favorite characters too!

  2. It was really good and I hope I'll be getting the others soon :D