Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fateful : Book Review


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        Title : Fateful
Series : -
Pages : 325
Author : Claudia Gray
Publisher : Harperteen
Format : Paperback
Source : Library - Borrowed for Free

My Opinion : Fateful is a mix of the Titanic and Nightshade y Andrea Cremer (or anything werewolfy). Oh, and add a little Romeo and Juliet to the mix, then stir a little, and you get *drum rolls*... Fateful by acclaimed author Claudia Gray!

Fateful is an awesome book that keeps you gripping your seat all the while you are reading it. The story is quite particular and is set in 1912. The main character is Tess, a poor maid of the Lisle, a long rich family, but now penniless because of one of its child gambling problems. She is really nice and selfless, and she embarks on the Titanic with the Lisle and falls in love with Alec, a werewolf, and one of Alec's fellow werewolf sets his sight on her, and won,t think twice about killing her for fun. And lets add the ship sinking along that.

I liked the characters, except for Lady Regina and one of her sons with a name that starts with an L and doesn't end with oser and Mikhail... Anyways, I really liked the characters; they each added something to the story that was particular. I personally liked Irene a lot. She was sweet, unlike her mother.

The writing was fluffy and serious. I have fallen in love with her writing since Evernight, and I've just fallen deeper. It's fun to read, easy and fast-paced.

I really love the cover, if you compare it to the other one *pukes*:

Ugly, right?

Anyways, awesome read!

4/5 stars

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  1. I LOVED this book! First off, one word: Titanic. Anything and everything involving the Titanic intrigues me. Though at first when I heard about werewolves being in the book, I thought it sounded a bit weird. But alas, i read it and really enjoyed it! I was terrified that because of the tragedy of the Titanic, something would happen to Tess and Alec, and they wouldn't end up together. but they did :)