Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Host : Book Review!!

                                                        The Host (The Host, #1)

Title : The Host
Series : The Host # 1
Pages : 619
Author : Stephenie Meyer
Publisher : Little, Brown Company
Format : Hardcover
Source : Owned

My (High!) Opinion: Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. Doesn't that sentence leave you... intrigued?

The beginning for The Host was way too slow. The first few pages were really confusing, with mentions of a way different word than ours. But do not let that keep you from continuing if you 
started reading it and felt like you had to give up, but do not! It will get better,  I promise!

I didn't actually buy the book willingly... my father bought it for me along with the third and fourth book in the Twilight series (Eclipse and Breaking Dawn). I didn't read it for a long time, but I convinced myself finally to give it a big chance. I was so happy, I loved the book! It's my second favorite book of all time!

The plot is awesome and original. You can tell just by reading the summary

You can tell by the first 100 pages that Wanderer (or Wanda) is a selfless, nice, caring and peaceful person who wouldn't hurt a fly. Now, I kind of understand Jared (about how he reacted), but, I think he's already a tiny bit of a angry-person for *little spoiler* hitting Wanda* okay, the little spoiler is done* What a jerk! 

I love Ian! Here's an expression one of the groups I am in and I created OMI= Oh My Ian (instead of Oh My God!) I thought he was kind of sweet even before Jared! 

I am super thrilled/excited that there is going to be a movie coming out in 2013 (there better not be an end of the world!!!)

5/5 stars!!!

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  1. I really loved this book too! I was so curious what she was going to be able to do after twilight and with a more adult book. I almost didn't want to read the book in the beginning because I do agree it was very confusing, I started the beginning over a couple of times before I could understand everything and continue on with the story. I am so glad I did because it was awesome. I am also super curious and worried about the fact that they made it into a movie because with all the talking that Wanda and Melanie do inside their head I wonder how they are going to be able to pull that off on the screen.