Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Grave at a Time : Book Review

One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress, #6)

Title : One Grave at a Time
Series : Night Huntress # 6
Pages : 358
Author : Jeaniene Frost
Publisher : Avon Books
Format : Paperback
Source : Bought - Owned

My Opinion : One Grave at a Time is the sixth and latest book in the Night Huntress series written by the great author Jeaniene Frost; whom I love!

Cat and Bones have yet another battle to overcome and win- but this time, they are facing someone who's already dead... yeah... And that ghost; he's Heinrich Kramer; stupid Inquisitor from the 1600s or something: he hunted witches (or so-called witches), but first he abused the women, tortured them, then killed them by setting them on fire. Yep, that's a crazy old guy, right? Cat and Bones try and trap him... but I'm not gonna tell you how it ends up...

I always find myself comfortable with these books; I feel so great and I read them fast, but I feel so good after I read them; a bit like when you just saw an old best friend you haven't seen in a while and it seems like it was just yesterday you sawe him/her. Yep, that's the feeling I get.

Bones and Cat seem to have grown more and more as one; and I like that (even though I am kind of jealous of Cat for that...). Also, all the side characters are either funny, or just plain annoying, which adds spike to the story. I really love the characters.

As always, the story is action-packed, fast-paced and I loved it. Jeaniene Frost is really an awesome author!

The cover is pretty and special; as always :D And it's beautiful in my bookshelf!

4.5/5 stars!!

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