Wednesday, December 28, 2011

City of Glass : Book Review

Title : City of Glass 

Series : Mortal Instruments #1
Pages : 541
Author : Cassandra Clare
Publisher : Margaret K. MacElderry
Format : Hardcover
Source : Bought - Owned

My Opinion : 
P.S. : The parentheses are my thoughts as I write this…

P.P.S. : Lot’s of spoilers in this review; couldn’t help myself

 City of Glass is the third installment in the loved Mortal Instruments series written by awesome author Cassandra Clare.  Also, it was the biggest in the series (Sorry, I felt like I need to add that).

This time, the setting is in the City of Glass (like the book’s title!!), or Idris, the home of the Shadowhunters if you prefer, more precisely in Alicante. Clary and Jace still love each other even though they are brother and sister *BIGGEST SPOILER EVER!*, but yet, they find, near the end, that they aren’t. *alright, now it’s done, you did good not reading it* Almost Everyone is there: from Magnus Bane, to Simon (yep, even though he’s a vampire and they aren’t allowed in Idris, he thought, well I think I prefer going there and getting imprisoned by some crackpot old fool then dying killed by demons; I understand him.), Luke (looks like they decided to break the law, then why not break it as much as they can, right?) and Clary (she’s there illegally; she didn’t get the permission to go there; bad Clary!). Seems like they are all baddies! (Skyscraper!!! Ooops, sorry, I’m listening to Skyscraper by Demi Lovato (covered by Cimorelli)).

The characters evolved a lot in the book; Clary grew up more and was unhappy a lot with Jace, as was Jace with Clary. *little spoiler* Alec and Magnus Bane finally got together and kissed, eeeeeep!!!! I am so Team Malec or something *little spoiler is done*.  What pained me the most is that *spoiler* Max, the little guy, died *spoiler’s done*.

The writing also was way better than City of Bones and City of Ashes; I really felt transported to the scenes; as if I were there. It was fast-paced just enough. I hope City of Fallen Angels is going to be as good.

The Mortal Instruments series looks wonderful on my shelves and the covers keep being beautiful. I wonder what’ll be the fifth book’s cover…

5/5 roses

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