Sunday, December 11, 2011

Evernight : Book Review

Evernight (Evernight, #1)

Title : Evernight
Series : Evernight # 1
Pages : 327
Author : Claudia Gray
Publisher : HaperTeen
Format : Paperback
Source : Bought - Owned

My (High!) Opinion Bianca wants to escape. Doesn't this seem like a great  and mysterious line? Well, that's what made me buy the book (which was an awesome idea) Evernight is the first book in the Evernight series, which is a vampire series by Claudia Gray. 

In the first chapters, you have NO idea that Evernight is a school for vampires, since there is not one mention or any signs that there are vampires. Now, I thought either I had misread the summary on Goodreads or that it was just going to put up sometimes. It was the latter, obviously.

I felt like the plot was just magnificent! I loved the idea of vampires at a school (of course,since I already love the the Vampire Academy series). And when we knew that Lucas was a *spoiler* Vampire Hunter *okay, the little spoiler is done!* I was kind of glad, since it added so much more spike to the book and made me interested even more in the rest of the series.

The characters weren't that much developed and mature, but, of course, it is only the first book in the series, but I expect them to mature and develop more and more in each books. I really thought Lucas was cute, especially in the beginning when he thought Bianca was being chased, and he chased her and pushed her (or took cover as he said) to the ground. I laughed at that part, and that made me like the book even more since the beginning was fun.

The writing was easy to read and fun, as well as fast-paced; you couldn't get bored with the book, it was pretty good overall!

The cover is sooooo pretty, and it fits perfectly on my pretty shelf! I can't wait to get the other books of the series to had them to my shelf :D

Awesome book; can't wait to read Stargazer (sequel to Evernight)!!!!

4.5/5 stars!!


  1. I haven't been sure if I wanted to read this series. After your review, I am still not sure. Doesn't sound like a lot of depth in the book. Thanks for the review!

  2. I'm still waiting for this book to be published in Romania too,but i don;t know if i should buy it or not.I read so many book with vampires and i'm thinking about reading this one too,but i have the feeling i won't like it.
    Awesome review.