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Never Eighteen : Book Review

Never Eighteen
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Title : Never Eighteen
Series :  -
Author : Megan Bostic
Pages : 200
Release Date : Jan. 17th 2012
Publisher : HMH Children's Book / Thomas Allen & Son
Format : Paperback
Source :  
*Thanks to T. A. & Son for providing a PB copy in exchange of an honest review! Thank you!*

My Opinion :
I was really surprised when I saw how little Never Eighteen was. It doesn't have many pages, AND the book is surprisingly small. I guess that's why I picked it up so soon after receiving it for review; I wanted a really quick read :D

Never Eighteen wasn't the best book I had ever read... but it WAS a good book. And, you may know that I didn't really enjoy The Fault in Our Stars that much... and Never Eighteen was about the same, except I liked it just a LITTLE more.

Never Eighteen is Megan Bostic's first novel (or debut novel), and I hope that, if she writes books in the future, I will enjoy them more than I did with Never Eighteen.

Never Eighteen deals with Austin. who will never turn eighteen (hence the book title). Because he has leukemia. But, he decides that he has to make things better with a few people. And so, on a weekend, he asks his best friend, and also love interest (he'S in love with her, but he doesn't know if she feels the same way) named Kaylee, to drive him to people's places. She agrees, and they start going around. And Austin changes people's lives.

The writing in Never Eighteen is really fast, and the book is actually two days worth of events (well, 180 pages of the 200 pages). Sometimes, when Austin went to people's house, I enjoyed it, but other times I found it boring.

The romance was only developed enough for me to enjoy it near the book's end. And then, it got killed off... which made me NOT happy. I really like romance, as you may have guessed.

Weirdly... I didn't cry. I'm not the biggest crier, but I do sometimes cry, especially when the book is sad (No shit, Sherlock *sarcastic*), but I guess it didn't get to me enough.


3.5 roses ;D

Book Trailer :

Author Bio : 

Megan BosticMegan (that's with a long "e") Bostic is a mere human trying to find her place in the universe and an all-around great girl. Despite the rain and gray (she's truly solar powered) making her extremely angsty, she's lived in the Pacific Northwest her whole life, and still does, with her two crazy beautiful girls.

She thrives on the challenges faced in her journey to publication and has documented it vlog style. You can find her Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer on Youtube.

Her writing process she lovingly calls "organized chaos". She writes on her laptop at the kitchen table next to the sliding glass door so she can absorb as much sun as she can. The "organized" part of the process mostly takes place in her head and involves the beginning and the end of her work in progress. The "chaos" part is pretty much how she sits down and writes with reckless abandon, not stopping to fix, revise, edit, or even breathe until she's done.

When not writing, Megan is usually chauffeuring her teenage daughters and their friends, watching her girls play soccer, watching movies and TV shows on Netflix, hanging out with friends, spending time at the ocean, or walking the Narrows Bridge.

Megan loves the color black, monkeys, and is a notorious Facebook addict. She's a proud member of The Class of 2K12 and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. You can also find her on Twitter,Goodreads, Jacketflap, and anywhere else cool authors hang out.

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