Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Interview with WESLEY KING, author of The Vindico

I have to admit, this was the most fun answers for one of my interviews!
The Vindico
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Where did you write the most (at home? Starbucks, etc.?)
Definitely at home. Actually, only at home. I don’t drink coffee, and I just bought a laptop two months ago. I’m not very cool, now that I think of it.

What's your favorite food and beverage?
My favourite food is the goulash that my Oma used to make. It’s like a steak and gravy sauce on pasta. Very healthy. And my favorite beverage is probably beer. Some mornings it’s my least favorite.

Did you have a schedule while writing The Vindico, and if you did, what was it?
I did. I wrote at the same times every day—I treated it like a real job. It’s just the best job ever.

Will The Vindico be the first book of a series, or a standalone?
It will be the first of a six book series, if all goes well. The sequel, The Feros, is already written and will be published in June of 2013. I’m hoping readers are going to want to grow with my characters, because I certainly do. There are a lot of darker and more mature themes I want to explore with them, much like the Harry Potter series. You’ll see the first signs of that in The Feros.

What would be the most surprising thing you didn't know would happen by becoming an author?
People think I have important things to say now. Unfortunately, that’s rarely true.

What would you say to your younger self as you were beginning to write The Vindico?
I’d say “Take a little break and write 50 Shades of Grey.”

The Vindico's cover is really amaze-pants. What did you think the first time you saw it?
I was pretty blown away. I didn’t expect it to be so eye-catching. I was slightly afraid that it was a little masculine and female readers might not like it, but as usual that just proved I know nothing about females.

Describe your book in five words or less!
Teens get superpowers; chaos ensues.

Where did you get the idea for your novel?
I have no idea, actually. I once wrote a chapter describing two villains (Sliver and The Torturer), having a merry chat about torturing a superhero in acid at a ballroom party. Somehow from that this entire premise came about. I don’t get it either. But I’m certainly glad it did.

Who is your favorite superhero, and why?
Wolverine. I just like that he’s a superhero but also kind of a jerk. 

If somebody told you to your face ' I hated your book', how would you react?
I’d probably thank them for reading it. I’m 6’7, so if it was a younger reader, it would probably be a very amusing situation. That said, if you watch my promo video you’ll see that small children can still bully me quite easily.

Anything we readers should expect from your future books?
In terms of The Vindico series, expect darker themes as the series progresses, but also the same humor and relationship-building to dominate the story. These five teens have a lot of growing to do, and I’m excited to see where this adventure might take them. And as for the other projects I have on the go, expect them to be nothing like The Vindico series.

And, finally, thanks for answering those questions. A last word (or more)?
Thank you for having me! Please check out www.thevindico.com for more information on the book, myself, and for the new “Ask a Villain” section where you can ask James, Hayden, Emily, Lana, or Sam for advice. If you ask Hayden, be prepared for terrible advice. 

And, here's a funny video about Wesley King introducing THE VINDICO! Prepare to laugh!


  1. Awesome interview! Loved his answers and he is so entertaining that I want to read his books for that reason alone. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

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