Friday, March 30, 2012

Pandemoniun : Book Review

Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)Click for the Summary!
Title : Pandemonium

Series : Delirium #2
Pages : 375
Author : (the freaking awesome) Lauren Oliver
Publisher : HarperTeen
Format : Hardcover
              Source : Bought - Owned

My Opinion :

Pandemonium lived up to Delirium perfectly!

Oh god.(I'm starting with that because that's what I kept thinking while reading the book. I just thought 'Oh my god.... oh god... gosh...' at each pages I flipped)

Delirium was actually my favorite book of 2011. It was just sooo amazing, and I was scared to dive into Pandemonium; I didn't want it to ruin my feelings for Delirium. And it didn't.

Pandemonium is divided into two. There'S the 'then' and the 'now'. The 'then' is when Lena ran from the City into the Wilds. There, she meets Raven, a girl who's a little bit older than her. Raven is nice, although she's serious and doesn't let her emotions get into her 'work' (her work is to be kinda the leader of a group). Raven helps Lena get through Alex's death (*shudder*). The 'now' is when Lena is back into society to spy and help her group back in the Wilds. But, it seems like Raven is hiding something... but Lena sdoesn't have time to investigate. Because she finds love (NOOOOO! I LOVE ALEX! ALTHOUGH I LOVE JULIAN TOO!)

This book was filled with different emotions; this made the book better. I LOVED Pandemonium!

Lena was going through a lot, especially in the 'then' parts of the book. She's dealing with the lost of Alex (*sob*). I kept cheering for her; that she could do anything, that she was awesome and she should keep going on. I was really attached to her, mainly because her grief and confusion over many subjects was just... overwhelming and so well written. She wasn't whiny. She was just at lost, and that's what I appreciated (because, some characters can be at lost but be sooooo whiny! And that'S just pain annoying, unless the winnyness (is that a word?) is well written (which doesn't happen a lot))

Then, there is Julian. A new love interest (*growls*). I want Lena to be happy, but I also want her to end up with Alex  (because I love(d) him). But, I have to say, Julian isn't bad. At all. He actually made Lena happy, and to me, since Lena is a character I've grown to care so much about, I think he'S great just for that!

Raven. Raven. (*kwak! kwak!* (I'm trying to do a raven sound.. obviously it's not working)) I really loved her. She actually helped Lena get back together (but not entirely together, though *sad face*), and I really liked her, although she didn't tell Lena the whole truth.

I just loved loved loved loved loved loved loved this book! The writing was just... WOW. It was just so full of emotions, and yet as soft as cotton candy as it melts in your mouth (I know, weird comparison!)

Lauren Oliver is officially one of the best authors living!


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  1. I loved this too, great review! :)

  2. I'm not sure if I should buy this. I don't know why I'm so reluctant. :( Any help?

  3. aaah. I need to read this book lol I loved delirium, I need more hours in a day lol

  4. I read and LOVED Delirium last year! I bought Pandemonium as soon as it came out but I am ashamed to admit, I have not read it yet!! I know, that's crazy right?! I have been disappointed by a few sequels that I have read lately and it has me a bit shy about reading this one. Seeing that you and so many others loved it though makes me think I need to start it now!! Thanks!

  5. I absolutely loved Delirium and the ending KILLED me. I'm ashamed to say I haven't read Pandemonium yet! I'm scared to read it, because i'm afraid it is going to make me sad (*sob* Alex *sob* and there's a new love interest. GAHHHH WHYYYY!!!!!) But I've seen so many positive reviews so I have to read it!