Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flying Blind : Book Review

Title : Flying Blind

Series : The Dragon Diaries #1
Pages : 308
Author : Deborah Cooke
Publisher : New American Library
Format : Paperback
Source :  Bought - Owned

My Opinion :

Flying Blind was recommended by Wendy from A Cupcake and a Latte (she's an awesome Canadian blogger, by the way :D)

I haven't read many dragon books. I've only read Firelight, and its sequel, Vanish, by Sophie Jordan, and I REALLY loved them (and I'm waiting patiently impatiently for the second book!). And so, I decided to try this book, because, the plot seemed a little like Sophie Jordan's dragon books, and so I decided to buy myself a pretty copy!

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this book! The characters where well developed, although sometimes it was easy to guess what was going to happen (like, I knew who was the bad guy as soon as he appeared in the book. But, at least I was rooting for the good characters to find out who he was).

So, the story is about a Wyvern (that's a girl dragon, and there's only one. A Wyvern has to die for another one to be born. Also, they are pretty powerful) girl named Zoë. But, the thing is, she can't unlock her powers (that must be fun, to know you're supposed to be super powerful and not to be able to use your powers!). Well, that's until she confronts one of her best friend's bully. Then, she goes to boot camp, and annual test where you can win stuff (I'm in! Where can I sign up or boot camp? I hope we can win books :D). But there, not everything turns out as exciting as she though it would be. She thought Nick would finally be interested in her. And that she'd discover her powers easily. Nope; not going to happen, missy! A bad guy comes in. She finds love (in a hopeless place! LOL! Couldn't help myself to add that :D). And her friends turn on her (well, that looks fun, doesn't it! Well, finding love really does, not the other two...)

Zoë turned out to be a really good character! Although clumsy (like me!) and a little too shy (well, more of a not-confident-enough), she was a great character for me! I thought she represented well the idea of a Wyvern trying to find herself!

And Jared. Oh, Jared Jared. We didn't get enough of you! *sigh* I hope we'll get more of you in the next book!

Then, there are the boys; Nick (stupid a$$), Liam (D'awww, Carrots! He's a cutie!) and Garrett (if you though Nick was an a$$, well, Garrett is ten time worse!).

I really loved this book!

And, don't you just love the cover? I mean, the contrast of the blue and the girl's green eyes is so beautiful!

Fans of Firelight by Sophie Jordan will find themselves with a new (awesome) dragon series!



  1. Thanks for the review. I loved Sophie Jordan's books. THis one is now on my tbr list!

  2. I actually have not read any Dragon books that I can think of, but I might have to give this one a try! And I think I would like to go to Boot Camp too!!