Saturday, March 10, 2012

Genesis : Book Review

Title : 

Series : -
Pages : 185
Author : Bernard Beckett
Publisher : McCelelland & Stewart
Format : Hardcover
Source :  Library

My Opinion :

Dystopian is one of my favorite type of book (like many people, because we're made of awesome), so any time I see a dystopian book, I grab it (no, I don,t steal it!). I had to read this book, because of the (misleading) gorgeous cover!

So, I dove into the book with a great expectation, but they weren't met. At all.

I actually didn't like this book at all (no offense to the author). But I just didn't like the feel of it (the book was a fudging conversation, of course I didn't like it!), nor the plot. I felt like the book held no plot, that it was only a conversation (and it is).

I didn't like the writing. There were long speeches that led to nothing in the story (boring!), and only made me skip it (which, with already 185 pages, it didn't need that!). It was also complicated, which I didn't like that much.

Also, as I wrote, the book had 185 pages... come on! That's not a book (it is, but really little!) !

I didn't feel connected to the book at all, neither to the characters. I only did care in the end (because *spoiler* the main character got killed*okay* and even then, I didn't care that much).

2 roses...

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