Saturday, March 24, 2012

Obsidian : Book Review / Letter to the Author

Title : Obsidian

Series : Lux #1
Pages : 268
Author : Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publisher : Entangled Publishing
Format : Paperback
Source :  Bought - Owned

My Opinion

Obsidian is just... wow.

I loved Obsidian; I don't know if it's the writing, the plot, or maybe the characters? Wait, oh, I know. ALL OF THAT!  (Well, duh, why didn't I think of that before)

The book involves Katy, a witty-commenter who has great comebacks (no, really, I wish I was like that). She even has a book blog, which, in my opinion, helped me relate to her a whole lot better, even though blogging wasn't too much in the book, it did make me happy and feel special that an author cares enough about book bloggers to write about one. The 'blog moments' just  made the book seem more real and alive! Well, anyways, she meets these aliens, Dee ( a girl, who becomes her best friend) and Daemon, who was an ass, but turned out to be less of an ass (My first reaction to Daemon : stupid f-ing ba$t***), and she's really attracted to this Daemon, although he's really a jerk. And so does he, but he tries not to show it. And, since she 'hangs out' with them, she's in danger from other aliens. (Yeah for stupid, dangerous, vengeful and cold-hearted aliens!)

The writing was so... special; it was funny, but not to funny to make this seem like a book committed to jokes. I   just loved it; the book was incredible. I just loved it, and any person who haven't read this should get to it RIGHT NOW (like, I mean it, stop reading this review- no wait- finish reading it, then go buy it)

The plot was just great. I haven't read many books about aliens (only I am Number Four and The Host, and The Host is my favorite book EVER), but, I just loved this one. The idea of a book about aliens is just so fresh; what I mean is that you don't find many books about aliens that have come out, and are good. And so, I was REALLY glad to have bought it and read it!

I felt like I really could relate to Katy, as I mentioned before, but I could relate top her because she lost her dad, and I lost my grand-ma, and I know it hurts.

I just love this book so much. Read. It. NOW!! (right, like I haven't been clear about that before *sigh* No, really, NOW!)

Also, this review contains a rant (or letter to the author) on how I NEEEEEEEEED Onyx (the second book in the series. Yes, there's a second book to this FREAKIN amazingable book)

5 roses! I LOVED!
Dear (freakishly awesome author) Jennifer L. Armentrout,

First and foremost, let me introduce myself; my name is Cathee (as you maybe notice, my name kinda sounds like your main character's name) and I am a raving fan of your (great! fantastic! amafubuextracool!) book called Obsidian (yes, I know you know the name of your book, I am only writing it because I loved it and I love saying/writing its name. Don't judge me). I am also the NUMBER ONE fan of Daemon.

I am writing to you, because, I have caught Daemon fever (yes, it exists) (well, not really,b ut it does... in my head), which means severl boxes of Kleenexes where used in the different states of Daemon fever. Here are the states:

Number One : Imagination of Daemon. Symptoms : closing your eyes and extending your lips to try and kiss the imaginable Daemon. Effects : lips hurting from trying to reach Daemon, people thinking you are crazy.

Number Two : Realization that the Daemon you are trying to kiss doesn't exist. (cue the Kleenexes). Symptoms : Eyes open up, lips go back in place. Effects : Use of too much Kleenexes, explaining to people that it's because of allergies (but it's actually because Daemon doesn't exist), over-cryness (it's a word... in my head)

Number Three : Wanting to find the real Daemon. Symptoms : Googling Daemon over and over again. Trying to find a way to email Daemon. Refreshing the page again and again to see if, by any chance, he found you. Effects : Eyes tiring from staring at the screen, tiredness from staying up all night.

Final state : Realization that there is no Daemon. At all. Symptoms : shrieking, scremaing, crying, because of the realization. Effects : Kleenex overuse, red eyes from too much bawling, and, maybe, eventually, going to state five.

Number Five (optional, only in dramatic cases) : Trying to turn into Katy to attract an alien (preferably Daemon, although he doesn't exist) . Symptoms : Trying to look like a doll, dressing up in red (Daemon's favorite color :D), trying to look like Katy. Effects : Too much doll-buying. And red coloring pencil buying.

And so, I am writing to you to PLEASE make Daemon real. Also, I NEED ONYX! I NEED TO SEE DAEMON AGAIN! *cries*

Thank you,

An Obsidian, Daemon raving fan. 

P.S. : I will be reading Half-Blood this year. For sure.


Now, what are you still doing here? GO. BUY. OBSIDIAN!


  1. I love, love, loved Obsidian but since Pure came out, I like the Covenant series more so you definitely need to go out and get Daimon, Half-Blood, and Pure!!! Super cute review for Obsidian though.. I love it!

  2. LMAO! I loved your review and your letter. They really made my day! You have to read ALL Jennifer's books, and by ALL I mean check her blog, go back and read all the extras, teasers, comments, all she wrote about her books. She's awesome!

  3. Great review. I have heard a lot about this novel so it is definitely on my TBR list. In the past, I was concerned because, as a few other bloggers mentioned, there are similarities to the television show Roswell.

    I have to admit, after your review, I may be a tiny bit more excited to read Obsidian now.

    I also love your letter to the author at the end. What a brilliant idea.

  4. LMAO i love your letter! I loved Obsidian too and i've read Half-blood and Pure and they are also amazing!Everything Jennifer Armentrout writes is great. Her characters are so real and easy to relate to, and the guys...*sigh*. I'm anxiously waiting for the sequels to both her series!

  5. I loved Obsidian too. I found it unique because the author really chose a different path than most YA authors do. Overall I agree completely with the things you said in your review. And don't worry maybe Daemon will magically come to life one day DON'T GIVE UP HOPE :]

  6. HOLY MOLY I just LOVED this book. I cannot wait for Onyx...the wait is too long! Thanks for the review!