Monday, March 26, 2012

Wildwing : Book Review

Title : Wilwing

Series : -
Pages : 359
Author : Emily Whitman
Publisher : Greenwillow Books
Format : Hardcover
Source :  Library

My Opinion :

A good book! 

Wildwing is a historical fiction (which I don't read enough of). I actually only picked up the book because of its great cover (like I normally do). I was pretty happy to get into some historical fiction, even more since it's historical fiction plus time travel to another place and time (isn't that awesome!?!)

So, the main character, Addy really hates the time she's in (which would be the 1910s). She's treated like scum from her fellow students, and then she's sent to be a maid for a couple, but it turns out okay. Then... she finds a 'time machine' (oh, how would I like that!) and goes back in time! Then, she finds a swoon-whorty boy there *swoons too*. I love him! Oh, Will! *giggles*

But, since she's playing the role of a soon-to-be-married lady, then she can't afford to love him... but still, that doesn't stop her! Also, there are the enemies coming in! Oh well, that seems like a lovely time she's having (*cough* Right!)!

The writing was pretty good, but I thought there weren't enough old world! There were some, but not enough for the feel the author was trying to write about, because sometimes, you'd read an old word, but then you wouldn't hear of another for pages!

Overall, the plot was really imaginative. I enjoyed the story, and I have to admit, it made me want to read more historical fiction (with romance) books!

4 roses! :D

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  1. This book has been on my list for quite some time and it's now a bit higher on my huuugh pile. Thanks for the review, because it sounds like a nice book :D