Monday, March 05, 2012

Ingo : Book Review

Ingo (Ingo, #1)  

Title : Ingo

Series : Ingo 1
Pages : 306
Author : Helen Dunmoer
Publisher : HarperCollins
Format : Hardcover
Source :  Library

My Opinion :

You'd think that , with all the scientific discoveries, scientifics would have discovered Ingo... but no.

Ingo was a great book.

Helen Dunmore, the author, wasa ble to create a whole new word where readers couldn't find a flaw (by that I mean with the construction of the world, the world itself).

Ingo is actually not a too much terrifying concept, because I absolutely love to swim, but now it got me a little wary... *sigh*

I find that the characters are too young for how they speak and how they react. I mean, a 13 years old boy watching over his sister? I have never heard of something like that...

This is the first book in a series, and I'll be sure to try and get the other books, because

4 roses!

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