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Interview with Ali Cross, the author of BECOME

Ali Cross
Hey roses, here's an interview with the AWESOME author of Become, ALI CROSS!

Where did you write the most (be at home? Starbucks, etc.?)
I write at home about 80% of the time and 20% at the dojo where my boys train.

Did you have a schedule while writing Become, and if you did, what was it?
Hmm, not sure if you mean a daily writing schedule or a schedule for completion/publication, so I’ll answer both, lol. At the time I wrote BECOME, I was homeschooling my twin boys. I tried to write in the afternoons when we were “finished” school for the day (giving me about 2 hours every day), but that was really hit and miss. I just wrote whenever and wherever I could. As for a schedule or goal for publishing it—BECOME had a small publisher set to publish it—it was supposed to come out in July of 2010. Obviously, that didn’t happen! Then I had a New York agent who wanted to represent it . . . yeah, that didn’t amount to anything, either. Long and short—it took me at least three years longer to get this book “on the shelves” than I thought it would. Oy!

Did you make the cover? If not, who? If yes, how?
Credit for the cover art goes to the amazing Fanye L.O.; a teenage girl from France. She is a photo-manipulator—doesn’t she do amazing work? She designed the cover for book two, DESOLATION, as well—I can’t wait to reveal it!

What would be the most surprising thing you didn't know would happen by becoming an author?
I think I’d have to say that I didn’t expect to feel such peace about readers’ like or dislike of the story. Some people hate it, and I’ve been remarkably okay with that. I thought every bad review would be like a stake to my heart—but it really hasn’t been. Don’t get me wrong, I wish that everyone loved my writing! But I find I’m surprisingly okay when they don’t.

What would you say to your younger self as you were beginning to write Become?
Wow, what a great question! I think I’d say to not worry over what would sell or what readers might think, but to write the story I wanted to tell … the rest would work itself out.

Who would you pick as a president of the U.S. (make it creative... and funny...)?
Oh man, you read my book—you know I don’t do funny! But, um, I think James from BECOME would make a great president. He’s charming, confident and very good at reading people. His campaign slogan might go something like, “Vote for James Mason—you know you want to.”

Which character most resembles you and why?
Desi, hands down—though I have a healthy dose of Miri in me too. Miri’s is the face I show the world, while I struggle with my inner darkness Desi-style.

How did you choose your characters' name?
Desi’s name came to me in a breath of time. I thought of the story, and she was there—name, character and all. She lived and breathed with me, and still does. Miri’s name also came easily. James’ name came too, but I wondered if I should change it. In the end I decided not to.
Now, Michael’s name … that was a challenge. He was Michael at the beginning, but then there were religious connotations to that name. So I tried other names (I can’t remember them all). But he wouldn’t stand for having his name changed. He whispered and whispered to me until I changed it back.
So I guess all my characters’ picked their own names, told them to me right from the beginning, and then stubbornly refused to change them despite whatever argument I threw at them.

When would you say the sequel, Desolation, will maybe go out?
Oh man! NOW!
Psyche! Okay, so it’s not NOW, but it’s very soon. I really want to say JUNE. June has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Could we may have a little sneak peek? If not... which would be your favorite animal?
LOL sneak peak OR favorite animal. That just cracks me up. I SO wish I could give you a sneak peek that INCLUDED a favorite animal! Alas . . . OH OH! I do have something . . . here you go . . . This is a deleted scene from book two in the Desolation series, DESOLATION.
Heavy hooves pound across the uneven, sandy ground, sending shock waves reverberating in my brain, coursing through my body. Sea foam sprays from the horses’ powerful flanks, flecking my face as I fly behind the horseman, chasing him. Ahead, the lights of San Francisco shine in the night, the Golden Gate Bridge a beacon in the darkness.
I have to catch him—he can’t be allowed to reach the city. I reach out, my hand just missing the dark robe that flies out behind him. The rider raises his right hand; a large knife glints in the moonlight. My body shakes with fear and a strange sort of foreknowledge—wherever this pale rider is going, death and destruction will follow—complete and utter desolation.
The rider turns. I feel my body clawing in terror away from his face, a scream tearing through my throat—the rider laughs, a dry soulless sound, a scream under water. His face, like death, chases me to the surface.
Can you guess my favorite animal? :D

And, finally, thanks for answering those questions. A last word (or more)?
Thank you for loving my book Cath! It is a joy to me to celebrate it with someone who enjoyed it!

Come by next week for a giveaway of her book :D

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