Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Song of the Sparrow : Book Review

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Title : Song of the Sparrow

Series : -
Pages : 394
Author : Lisa Ann Sandell
Publisher : Scholastic
Format : Hardcover
Source :  Library

My Opinion :

Song of the Sparrow was my very first book in verse (I am a newbie to books in verses, yep!) . I actually didn't even know it was in verse until I read Justin over at Justin's Book Blog review (I know, so stupid of me!). I totally agree with her : I don't know anything about books in verse, and I was actually afraid (well, almost) to read one, because I don't really like poems, except some Robert Frost Poems (Especially Fire and Ice... umm... I bet Katy Pery wrote her song, Hot N' Cold with that poem!). But, the book was nothing like a poem; the story flowed easily and it was really fast-paced and easy to read!

I really loved the main character, Elaine,  because she was fierce and nice, but yet had a great personality of her own. In the beginning, I was rooting for her and Lancelot to get together! But after some mean words he said to her because he loved Gwynivere and was heartbroken, he got on my Black List (duh, duh, duh, duuuuh)and you don't want that to happen. Even though he apologized afterwards , he was on my Black List forever! Then, Tristan (*swoon*) came aboard, and I fell in love with him along with Elaine. I thought they made the perfect couple (even though I want to snatch him away!)!

I had actually never read books on the legends of Arthur (I think....), and so this was also a first! I really loved it!

Funny story is, in class this week, my teacher just said the word Saxon and I said I hated them. People looked at me strangely, and I only said that because they killed Elaine's mother and invaded Arthur's territory (like that helped)!

4 roses! Great book!

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