Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dragon's Oath : Book Review

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My (High!) Opinion : So, this is the first book in the House of Night Novellas series, which is a story set in the the Cast's House of Night world, which is awesome.

First, let me say I really like the HoN (House of Night) series by the Casts.  And i was really excited when my library contacted me to say this book had arrived in my account. I almost screamed. Okay, maybe not, but I was really happy. I had really high expectations and *drum rolls* I loved it!

I even thought the book was better than the HoN series. I thought Dragon/Bryan Lankford was sooooooo cute! All arrogant and funny *grin*. And Anastasia was all peaceful, and beautiful. So, I really liked the characters.

The writing was, from my opinion, better than the one in the HoN. It was soft, and also fast-paced, and I liked the way the author used Dragon's arrogance.

And don't you love the cover? I hope that'S Anastasia, because she is so beautiful. And I hope that's Dragon's sword. It'S awesome.

I thought Dragon's decision was heart-breaking. I almost cried. Poor him; he *SPOILY SPOLIER* lost Anastasia, and betrayed Nyx *Okay, you can continue*.¸

Anyway, I am hoping the next House of Night Novella will be as good as this one.

4/5 stars!

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  1. Lovely review, Cat! I loved this book soooo much! And I agree that it's better than the actual House of Night series. Dragon was incredibly cute! Gotta love em cocky! ;D I can't wait for Lenobia's Vow and Neferet's Curse. I think that last one is going to be awesome!