Thursday, November 10, 2011

Show Gratitude To Books

So, this is a kind of contest. Well.... it is a contest. So, yeah, I need to talk about a book I am grateful of, but first.... here's the link to the contest : Beth Revis' Blog

This is really hard. There are so many books I've loved, or that I've appreciated, but I decided that I am going to talk about two books; Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and Fallen by Lauren Kate.

First up, Fallen by Lauren Kate. So, I hate this book. Now, you're probably thinking.... why did she put this book up if she hated it. Well, here's why; this book was the first one I hated in Young Adult Paranormal Romance. I'd grown a bit bored of YAPNR,  then I read this book... and I hated it so much (sorry to the author). That's why I decided to read more and more books, so I could see if I'd been to severe with Fallen, but no, I wasn't, in my opinion.

Now, there'S Twilight. I probably won't be the first to post Twilight as one of my books, but I probably don't have the same reason... My reason is, that's the book that got me into reading. Now... let's start at the beginning.  I am actually French, it'S my native language, but, in grade fourth, I entered a rather intensive English program, which included all afternoons in English. They encouraged us, in the first year, to watch TV in English and to red in English. I started watching TV in English, but I just couldn't get into books; I'd never been much of a reader, only if it was Geronimo Stilton's books. Then, came fifth grade, with the same intensive English program. The year started, and I began reading the Bones series, which was really easy to read. I didn't really get into it, and I stopped reading. Halfway through the year, my English teacher, Miss C., recommended to me Twilight. I was so stubborn at first! I was afraid of anything scary, and to me, vampires were scary. So, I didn't buy it. But my dad did. He didn't read it, though. After weeks of lying around, the book finally landed in my hands. I began to read it slowly, of course, my English wasn't really good. Then, as I got more into the book, that was all I could think of; Bella, Edward, Edward, vampires. This was really weird to me, since it was the first time I'd felt this way about book. Once I'd finished this book, I definitely had to get my hands on the next one. My parents were only to happy to buy the next, but while the book made its way to us, I read and read Twilight again, memorizing my favorite parts. Then I started New Moon, then Eclipse, then finally Breaking Dawn. It was like I couldn't get enough of this series! So, after finishing it, I began reading and reading it again and again. My parents were almost worried about how much I seemed to be into it.Then, the year ended, and I continued reading the series again and again. When sixth grade began, I started looking for more books. So that's my story; Twilight brought me to English books, which is why I'm now bilingual (or almost) after three years of English.


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