Friday, November 25, 2011

Vanish : Book Review

Series: Firelight #1

Author: Sophie Jordan

Format: Hardcover

 Page Count: 294

Source: Library

My (High!) Opinion : It's been about a month since I've read this book, and I actually thought I'd done a review on it, but when I looked around my blog, I saw I hadn't (stupid me!). I think I actually did a review in my mind, so I just have to put it on here.

I was preparing to buy this book, but when I check it at my library, and I was so happy, because any money I havem I buy books with it :D

I thought Vanish was better than Firelight, even though I was angry at Jacinda for sometimes kissing Cassian. i mean, um, hello?!?What about the charming, awesome, handsome Will! And poor Tamra, who didn't get Cassian :( 

I was happy that they didn't cut her wings, but  at the same time I think it would have added some drama, don't you think???

I was so happy when Will 'came back' in the book. I love him so much!

The writing was really good. It was fast-paced and fun, also a little romantic.

And don't you just love the cover! It's soooooo beautiful!!!! I thoguht it was even mroe beautiful than the first one.

5/5 stars, and worth reading!

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  1. I love this series, but there were parts in this book (like you said about Jacinda kissing Cassian) that made me shake the book!! Can't believe she's bonded to him. That part killed me! I still loved it though. And I like Cassian too but I want Will with Jacinda! I'm so excited to see what Sophie Jordan going to do in the final book!