Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Forbidden : Book Review!

*Warning, this review, if the author ever reads it, isn't all entirely true. (Um, yeah it is). I just want the author to know that I loved her work in this book, even thought I am a tiny bit angry towards her for.... something*

*Other Warning: To anyone who has a heart of his own, well, prepare your glue, because my heart broke after reading this book*

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My Opinion : After seeing the title, the first jumbled thoughts that popped in my mind; What is it about? A Romeo and Juliet rip-offish kind of book? Of course, it must be about love! Look at the heart! And the red cover! It must be something like that! Or maybe it's dystopian? Or maybe they are gay people in the past? So, um yeah... possibilities! Then, I read the mysterious summary. I shuddered and closed the window. I mean... ew! I know, I know I am prejudiced, but who isn't? Raise your hand, anyone who read the summary without thinking: ew!, disgusting! ugh! um...!  (or for the religious freaks: Satan Followers! :D)  Fortunately, I read the reviews. Some were saying: Ew! Ew! Ew! with some stupid blah blah, and others were writing about the quality of the written work. Ever thought of that, people who wrote stupid reviews about this book?

So, now that I'm rereading my last chapter... I'd say I got my fury out. Almost. Now I have to get my fury towards the author out. Now! Wait! Nope, here it is! Mrs Tabitha Suzuma, with all the well-deserved  respect... why did you *spoiler alert everyone* kill Lochan! *okay, now you can continue reading weird people who didn't read the book yet*. I mean.... *sob sob* I loved him! And you just, just, well, you know! My heart broke to pieces when he.... you know... I mean, he had to love Maya for what he did, but surely, there was another way, Lochan. You could of had me *giggles*.

Alright, so,  I just got a tiny bit of anger to get out. Again, towards the author.  Now, now, Mrs Tabitha, why didn't you write a longer book! I mean... I WANT MORE OF THIS KIND OF BOOKS AND NOW! I'm probably going to read one of her other books (let'S hope they are as mind-blowing as Forbidden!)

So, I was wondering... why didn't the police characters in this books  see how Maya and Lochan loved each other, and that they broke my heart? Stupid, stupid police characters!

The writing was just... wow. It amazed me how this book made me fell. You know, the kind, that when you are reading it, you sweat as if you were going through what the characters were going through?

Rating : A well-deserved 5/5 stars!

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  1. Ditto to everything you wrote in this review! I felt the same way. The ending me CRY so hard. It still makes me sad thinking about it, but I'm glad that at least Maya decided to go on because she knew that's what Lochan wanted. This book tackled a difficult subject but Tabitha Suzuma wrote the story in such beautiful way. I'm going to remember it for a long time! Thanks for the review!