Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bloodlines : Book Review!

Series: Bloodlines #1
Author: Richelle Mead
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 421
Source: Library - Want to Buy!

My (High!) Opinion: My first reaction after hearing about this new book written by Richelle Mead was a happy dance! I mean, who wouldn't do a happy dance after hearing that one of their favorite authors is doing a spin-off from one of your favorite series (in this case Vampire Academy!). I directly put it in my to-reads and waited patiently (or maybe not) for my library to get it. And they got it, so I ordered it for free, and I read it....

I can't say if I like the Vampire Academy series more or this one, because they both have ups and downs, and I must love both of them. We'll just have to see with the upcoming books!

I really love Sydney, and, I think I like her better than Rose, because Sydney's a bit like me, except she'S even more cold to everyone, not that I'm always cold to everyone.... but sometimes I am to people I dislike.

I really loved how the story was set (it's baseline-plot). And it kept me wanting more of the Adrian-Sydney complicated relationship between them.

The writing was as fun- fast-paced, action-packed as the Vampire Academy series, and I'd say almost even more.

Lots of people went from Team Dimitri (from VA) to Team Adrian (from VA and Bloodlines) after reading this book. Actually, I didn't.... I still love Dimitri more than Adrian :D

The cover is just..... sensational! And, you need to see the cover of the next book in the series -> The Golden Lily

5/5 stars, and worth your time to read!


  1. I haven't even read VA yet. Funny story there- I started from Book 4 of VA series and was already 100 pages in before I realised that I'd started from the wrong book. Then I just close the book and waited until I forgot sufficient spoilery details to start the series from book 1. I still haven't forgotten those details *sigh*. But I hope to finally start the series soon and then move on to Bloodlines. Love the cover for The Golden Lily:)

    Sarah Bibi Setar

  2. VA is one of my favorite book series ever too! Richelle Mead's books always win the most anticipated award for me. Alot of people have been concerned about Sydney because she's not a fighter and badass like Rose but i agree with you; i can actually relate to Sydney more. I'm kind of a nerd like her :P

  3. I actually really loved this book. I've been a fan of Rose & Dimitri from VA, but I always felt kinda bad for Adrian. I NEED him to be happy, and to believe in true love again.