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This is Not a Test : Book Review

This Is Not a Test 
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Title : This is Not a Test
Series :  -
Author : Courtney Summers
Pages : 320
Release Date : June 19th 2012
Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin / Raincoast Books
Format : ARC
Source :  
**An ARC was provided from Raincoast Books in exchange of an honest review**

My Opinion :

This was my first book from Courtney Summers, and even though I had heard so many great things about her books, but I was still reluctant. I don't know why. I was SO stupid back then. Okay, maybe not stupid, but still. I guess I just like to be with my comfortable authors!

This is Not a Test is a heart-pounding novel that will leave you breathless.

" This is not a test. Listen closely. This is not a test."
This is Not a Test is the story of Sloane, a girl who has lost her sister because she ran away, and Sloane is the daughter of a father that beats her up. But now, even if her world ended when her sister ran away, the whole world has ended because of a zombie apocalypse. Now, she's stuck with five other teenagers in her school, trying to survive. The problem is, she doesn't want to survive.

This book is powerful. Parents, or anyone, who beats people up for whatever reason is bad.

I don't really like zombie books, and I guess that just... I didn't really want to read it a t first, but so many people seemed to love it, that I decided to finally read it! Just so you know... the zombie part really isn't big in this book. I'd say it's 5% zombie. The book really isn't mainoly about zombie! I'm telling you! I mean, I know I was doutbfull when people said there almost weren't anything about zombies, but, REALLY! Don't be stubborn like me!

The book isn't exactly fast-paced, but you just can't stop turning the pages! I was sad everytime I had to stop reading, and I really had to force myself to stop. I just wanted to devour it and not stop until I finished it! The writing is just so good and sucks you in!

The main character is really attaching, and yet you want to let her alone, because she... seems like she doesn't like people.

This is Not a Test is an incredible book that will suck you in from the start


4.5 roses!

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Author Bio : 

Courtney SummersCourtney Summers can't wait for the zombie apocalypse. Also she is the author of CRACKED UP TO BE and SOME GIRLS ARE, FALL FOR ANYTHING (available now) and THIS IS NOT A TEST (June 19th, 2012), four edgy young adult novels published by St. Martin's Press. 

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  1. whoaaa great review! and i really love the cover <3

  2. This is Not a Test makes for a perfect, open-ended stand alone novel, I would absolutely love to see a sequel. Ok, scratch that.... I'm DYING for a sequel! If you don't mind a little less gore and a little more emotion in your zombie books, this is definitely for you.