Monday, June 25, 2012

Back on the Court : Book Review

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Title : Back on the Court
Series :  -
Author : Sonya G. Elliott
Pages : 264
Release Date : Oct 9th 2011
Publisher : Tigress
Format : Paperback
Source :  
** A paperback copy was sent to me from the author in exchange of an honest review**

My Opinion :

Back on the Court is not the kind of book I normally read; I am a YA fiction lover, and this was more of a non-fiction adult novel. And, it's a memoir. So, yeah, a big change, so that's why my review will be a little different :D

Even if Back on the Court is not my normal read, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think what I liked the most about it was how much it felt real.

Back on the Court is about Sonya, a basketball girl. And now, she has lost her fiancé to a car/train accident days before their wedding. And she may never be able to play basketball. But, what if she doesn't even want to live anymore?

The author actually was the one to live through the grief-packed story. She is the Sonya that lost her fiancé, that found love again and made a family. She is the Sonya that will always love Mark, and will always love Jason.

I am not going to talk that much about the characters... because they exist(ed) in real life.

One thing I have to say about this book, is that I have never cried that much while reading a book. The grief felt so real, because it's (was) real! I couldn't stop crying at any mention of Mark. At least I didn't read it at school :D

A grief-packed book that will keep you cheering for Sonya, the main character.

Back on the Court was an emotional ride for me. It was beautiful, probably because of how much grief was in there, and how beautifully the overwhelming sadness was written.

This may not be your type of book, but give it a try. It's magnificent. 



Author Bio : 

Sonya Elliott is a writer, a basketball coach, a fashion model and a mom. She is the owner of Full Court Design and founder of the PeaceLoveBasketball Organization. Both support today's youth through her love of the game and love of life.

Sonya has appeared in countless magazines, catalogues, brochures and advertisements as well as on the runway throughout her career. She filmed the Soloflex commercial before her accident and the Easy Spirit commercial (where she played basketball in pumps) just as she was regaining use of her right arm following the accident.

An all-conference academic basketball player, Sonya attended Eastern Washington University on an athletic scholarship and graduated with honors. Along with coaching, Sonya continues to play basketball competitively in Seattle's top women's leagues. She is married and has two children.


  1. It's wonderful when a memoir makes you feel so tied to the characters it's like a regular story.

    What a great story of healing:)

  2. Wow! I would love to try this book! I cry over the simplest thing. I think I will need a whole stack of tissue boxes with me when I try to read this book. Fabulous review! I will definitely try this out. :)