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Letters from the Ledge : Book Review

Letters From the Ledge
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Title : Letters from the Ledge
Series :  -
Author : Lynda Meyers
Pages : 353
Release Date : Jan 11th 2012
Publisher : Hallway 11
Format : Paperback
Source :  
** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange of an honest review**

My Opinion :

This book was just... wow. Just read it. You'll understand.

This was an incredible debut you don't want to miss!

Letters from the Ledge is, from how I'd describe it, a YA/Adult (well... more of a YA) contemporary romance... mixed with some 'coming of age' and other pretty intense stuff. I received this book from the author, and, I have to admit, I know I would have never discovered this amazing book if it weren't for book blogging.

Letters from the Ledge is about two (well... um... four... but two are more of main characters). There'S Brendan; a guy who smokes pot and cuts himself, because his father doesn't really treats him well, and he has just lost a really good friend to suicide. His life hasn't been the best. He meets Sarah, who's a good kinda girl. Then, there'S Paige, who's got a boyfriend, Nate. She got raped once, in an alley, and since then she hasn't been the same, even if it happened two years ago. And then, Paige gets 'employed' by Brendan's father. And, they kinda all meet. (Just so you know, the story is actually really more complicated than that... so yeah, read. the. book!)

Letters from the Ledge is a moving story you don't want to miss. The book was just so great! 

I absolutely loved this book! It was amazing! I mean, it'S fast-paced, it keeps your attention all the way, the writing is great, there's drama, it's action-packed; IT's GREAT! As I said, it keeps your attention, because you can't wait to see what will happen next.

I've grown attached to the characters, especially Brendan, and I'm kinda sad to see him go. He'S just so.... special. At first I thought he was just another kid that smoked pot and just didn't care about  other people. I just thought he was going to be a jerky kid who got everything he wanted, especially pot. But, he turned out to be a great, awesome, lovely, hot (*cue the fangirl giggles). I just... really liked him a lot. Sarah, you better be ready, because I'm going to steal your lover boy and you'll never see his face again... because I'll be kissing him (*again, cue the fangirl giggles*)

Paige was actually really good. I thought that, even though she was fragile from what had happened to her, she was a great character.

Nate was cute too :D I liked him quite a lot, although I think that he just fluffied everything to muck for Paige before.

Sarah... I would have liked to get a bit more of her story. And more of her and Brendan's romance, since, I really love romance.

The characters were really well developed; which is always what helps building a book with a great story and plot line .

I jsut kept turning the pages faster and faster, until there was anything left :(



Author Bio : 

Lynda MeyersLynda Meyers is an author whose depth and authenticity is revealed continually through her writing. She seems to blow past genres, genders and age brackets and instead delivers stories and characters that can't easily be written off.

Her ability to describe so fully the interior struggle surrounding issues like depression, rape, addiction and cutting is startling in its beauty. She takes readers deep into the hearts and minds of troubled characters but doesn't leave them there. Humor, intelligent dialogue and intense metaphor are tucked into the corners of real life and used to expertly create a portrait that stares back at you no matter where you're standing in the room.

Regarding Letters From The Ledge, editor Mick Silva remarked: "Lynda Meyers writes messed up dreamers as easily as falling off a ledge...This is a novel, but it isn't fiction. I found hope in these poignant letters of tragic beauty, and somehow felt found myself."

Letters From The Ledge began as a vision, in which she saw the characters come into view one by one, like the opening scene of a movie. An excerpt (the first three chapters) as well as the ability to order signed copies of the book can be found at her blog: or the book's website .

Lynda lives and writes in New York with her husband, four children and two adorable Maltese puppies (d'awww puppies!).


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  2. This book sounds amazing, i love fast paced action packed books. Great review :)