Saturday, June 16, 2012

Legacy of Tril : Soulbound : Book Review


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Title : Soulbound
Series :  Legacy of Tril #1
Author : Heather Brewer
Pages : 304
Release Date : June 19th 2012
Publisher : Dial / Penguin Canada
Format : ARC
Source :  
**An ARC was provided from Penguin Canada in exchange of an honest review**

My Opinion : 

Soulbound is one of the best books I have read in 2012.

I loved Soulbound so much. I was immersed in the story every time I reopened the book to continue into the adventurous adventures of Kaya.

Soulbound is action-packed and doesn't let your mind alone until you have finished it. And even then; you just want the sequel (I NEEEEEED THE SEQUEL NOW!)!

Soulbound is about Kaya, a young Healer that lives in Kessler with her two Barron (fighter) parents. Two Barrons together is illegal. So, that'S why she lives in an Unskilled village. But then. she gets this letter that she has to go Shadow Academy to train as a Healer. Of course, she doesn't want to, but she does so to protect her parents. She finds out that the the Barron she was Soulbound to is dead, and that now she has to be Bound to a total stranger. But... maybe she'll like him. But... what if something else got in the way?

The writing is not fast-paced, nor slow-paced. It just goes perfectly with the story and flows easily and beautifully.

Kaya is a strong lead female character. The 'Rose-of-Vampire-Academy-badassy' kind of strong. And I loved her! And... I'm really wondering why she is that strong, if she is a Healer.... maybe we'll know in the next book :D

I am DEFINITELY Team Darius. He is hot as hell, and my type of guy ;D He feels kind of like Dimitri in Vampire Academy :D

Fans of Vampire Academy will LOVE Soulbound!


5 roses

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Author Bio : 

Heather BrewerHeather Brewer was not your typical teen growing up. She wore black, danced under full moons and devoured every book in sight.
She hasn’t changed much.

Today, Heather can be found writing in her funky, black Happy Bunny jammie pants, dancing under the full moon, devouring every book in sight, and attending Renaissance Festivals in costume (and in character). 

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  1. Another Dimitri! Must read! I also love the cover...looks so damn cool. I love strong heroines so I'll definitely be checking this one out!

    Thanks for the review!

  2. I'm definitely adding this to my "need-to-read" list! If it's anything like Vampire Academy, I'll certainly enjoy reading it.

    Thanks for posting the review!

    ~Lia, Remarkable Reads Team

  3. I must read this. If it has healers and hot guys, it's my kind of book! :D
    I will definitely say more after reading it. Thanks for the rev. :)

  4. WOOOOW! I cannot wait to read this. I need on reading this like now! Great review! *bolts to my bookshelf*