Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Love is Hell: Book Review

Summary : Sleeping with the spirit : Brenda moves to a new home. But the thing is, it's haunted. Twenty years ago, a seventeen years old boy named Travis got murdered by his step-father for trying to protect his mom from being beaten up. Brenda slowly falls in love with his ghost. She then needs to say goodbye after getting his last wish done. 

Stupid Perfect Word : In the future where everything is perfect, Kieran takes a Scarcity class with other students. It's about the history of people in our time. Their new project is to experiment something that got eliminated from their word; sleeping, traveling by boat, diseases, hormones etc. Kieran chooses to try sleeping and Maria chooses to stop her medicine, which stops hormones. They begin liking each other and end up falling in love.

Thinner than Water : Jeannie, a girl with big dreams at becoming a doctor, meets a mysterious boy in her village called Robbie. They fall in love and she gets back to school since her parents got her out of it. Then, the villagers who believe that Robbie is evil. They murder him.Jeannie end up with a guy named Charlie, who is gay. Robbie comes and visits her as a ghost; trying to get her to kill herself and come with him the 'other world'. Jeannie doesn't do it and ends up having a baby with Charlie called Fay Greene.

Fan Fictions : Paige falls in love with a guy named Aaron. She's a big reader (like me) but doesn't want to try a new book. She finally reads it and finds out that her falling in love with Aaron was her imagination. She goes to the writer of the book and accuses her.

Love Struck : Alana falls in love with Murrin, a guy with weird powers. Murrin's brother tries to get them to break up and he succeeds. They finally get back together when they learn taht Murrin's brother lied to get them to break up.


My Opinion : Since there are five stories, I'll give my opinion on each of them!

Sleeping with the spirit was a good story by Laurie Faria Stolarz. It's my second favorite in the book! I guess I just loved the whole ghost-human love.

I was impressed by Stupid Perfect Word by Scott Westerfeld. I normally don't really like his writing, but this was my favorite story!

Thinner than Water was okay. It was my fourth favorite story in all.

Fan Fictions was quite good actually. It's my third favorite.

Love Struck was my least favorite of all because they didn't really explain anything about the weird power things!

Note : Take note that since there were five stories and too many characters by story, IO won't talk about them.

Sleeping with the Spirit : 4/5
Stupid Perfect Word : 4.5/5
Thinner than Water : 3/5
Fan Fictions : 3.5/5
Love Struck : 2.5/5

The whole book : 4/5 ... I guess

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