Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little Blue Envelope : Series Review

Summary : Virginia (Ginny) Blackstone is a normal girl with a crazy aunt. No, scratch that; a dead crazy aunt. She then receives 13 letters from when her aunt was alive. The letters are easy; do this, do that. She does everything her aunts wants her to do. She even falls in love with Keith But, as she is about to read the thirteenth, her backpack - and the letters in it - get stolen. She gets back home. She's ready for her life to go on. Later, a mysterious boys emails her saying he has her letters. She takes off and meets him. His name is Oliver. They go off on an adventure, with Keith and his new girlfriend. She finds herself falling in love with Oliver.
A good story for people with an interest in traveling.


My Opinion : I liked this series even though this isn't my type of book. Maureen Johnson's writing has something great in it. Although this isn't my type of book, I enjoyed it and I recommend it to anyone.

Characters: Ginny was a  great character. Although she was sometimes a little dumb, I liked her and the atmosphere she created throughout the entire series.

Oliver was charming. He was mysterious and nice to Ginny.

Keith was stupid in the second book. In the first he was alright though.

Aunt Peg... crazy Aunt Peg. I liked her from the beginning.

Lots of characters have been in those two books, but I don't feel the need to write a special thing about them

Book One: 3.5/5
Book Two: 3.5/5
Series: 3.5/5

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