Saturday, July 28, 2012

ReVamped : Book Review

ReVamped (Angel Creek, #1)

Title :  ReVamped 
Series :  Angel Creek #1
Author :  Ada Adams
Pages :  291
Release Date : Feb 20th 2012
 Publisher :  self-pub
Format :  Paperback
Source :

*Thanks to the author for  providing a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review!*

My Opinion :

I was really interested in reading ReVamped, mainly because of its purely kick-ass cover (what? Don't judge me! I love beautiful covers, people!), but also because of its popularity, and how nice the author was to her fans on Twitter. Also, the title and summary intrigued me.

Although ReVamped was a bit slow in the beginning for me, after about halfway through, it started getting fast-paced, action-packed, and I couldn't stop thinking about the pure awesomeness that this book is.

A stunning debut novel!

I almost ran into a wall while reading this book. I was too immersed into the story!

ReVamped is about Dawn, a young Born vampire, and the Vampire Us President's only daughter. But then, she is sent on her first mission; she has to go to Angel Creek to 'revamp' - or train - new vampires to guard and protect the humans in the city. But... what if she met love? And that she learned a handful of truths about herself, Ethan, Sebastian... and her mother.

I really liked how the characters were all built; they all had different personalities and didn't really deter from them! I love that the author was able to stick to them and not forget to develop and keep them throughout the book!

A talented author. A gorgeous cover. An awesome storyline. Not one, but TWO hot guys. Fast pacing. What more would you want? (I mean, seriously)

Rating : 

4 roses

Other reviews of this book :

- Gabby from Chapter-by-Chapter says : " I did not want this story to end "

- Kayleigh from K-Books gives "5 flowers" and says : " I couldn't put it down and was completely hooked from page one"


  1. I haven't heard too much about this book, but i keep hearing more and more. I'm definitely intrigued. It sounds like a good book. And, two hot guys you say? Well, I guess I could check it out :)

    The cover really is gorgeous.

  2. Wonderful review. This novel sounds fantastic. The cover ROCKS. Can’t wait to read it. ;-)


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  3. Sounds like an awesome book. I have not heard or it, but I will check it out!!

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  10. So glad that you enjoyed this book! I am a massive fan of Ada Adams! I just love her so much :)
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