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Snow White and the Huntsman : Book Review

Snow White and the Huntsman
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Title : Snow White and the Huntsman
Series :  -
Author : Various
Pages : 240
Release Date : June 5th
Publisher : Poppy / HBG Canada
Format : Paperback
Source :  
*Thanks to HBG Canada for providing a PB copy to review in exchange of an honest review*

My Opinion :

The book definitely spiked my interest in the movie!

Snow White and the Huntsman was a good book, although it lacked romance too much for me, and the storyline didn't have enough content to it to make the book a 3.5 roses.

Snow White and the Huntsman is obviously a retelling of Snow White, and while other retellings don't have much to do with the fairytale they 'retell', this one was a lot like the original, but more... raw... or maybe violent! Also, it was too quick, and I felt it didn't have a proper ending! I needed more romance, because... you know, romance is awesome!

Snow White and the Huntsman is about Snow White and her evil step mother that killed her father. Snow White has been imprisoned in a prison for ten years. But then, the evil step-mother learns that she can be immortal if she kills Snow White and gets her heart... but then Snow White runs away. And, she may be the only bit of hope that citizens of the kingdom have of killing the evil step-mother a.k.a. evil queen.

While I do enjoy a good fast-paced story, this book was just too quick. Not in the 'oh-I-wish-there-were-more-I-loved-this-book-so-much-and-I-need-more' way but in the 'ummm-this-feels-uncomplete-to-me' way. I don't like these kind of stories... at all.

I thought Snow White didn't have ANY personality. I hated her (as a character). But I did like the (almost non-existent) romance between her and the Huntsman, and I wish there was more development to it!

One good thing (and the main thing that is keeping me from giving it a 2 roses), is that it brought me some nostalgia, because it is a fairytale retelling. At least they got that right!

Although it wasn't the best book ever, I did enjoy some parts thoroughly, but others not at all.


3 roses

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  1. I wanted more romance in the movie, thats for sure. Great review ;)