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Spark : Book Review

Spark (Sky Chasers, #2)
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Title : Spark
Series :  Sky Chasers 1
Author : Amy Kathleen Ryan
Pages : 309
Release Date :  July 17th 2012
Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin / Raincoast Books
Format : ARC
Source :  
*Thanks to Raincoast Books for the review copy*

My Opinion :

If only Spark had been as good as Glow was for me... alas, it wasn't.

Glow was a really great book, but its sequel had the Stupid Sequel Syndrome (why, oh why!!!!!!!!!). Spark was only about Kieran being an ass and Waverly turning into a cold-blooded bitch (well, she wasn't always... but she was a bitch sometimes)

In Spark, the only thing happening is a kind of fight between Kieran and Waverly. It's kind of a political tirade going on for the entire book. But, of course, there's this kind of terrorist on board... so I guess the book is not too bad... but I just didn't like it!

The writing was way more fast-paced than what I would have liked it to be, but I think it was the best aspect of the book.

As you may know, I hate hating a book, and I hate giving it as bad rating, because I feel sometimes like it's my fault that I didn't like it. But, in this case... I think it was the book. Not me.

I didn't exactly hate Spark... but I strongly disliked it.

Kieran was... oh god. I don't think I have strongly hated someone this much in a book. EVER. I think that's what the author was going for.

But, Miss(es) Ryan also made me dislike Waverly A LOT.

*sarcastic* Otherwise, great book! Not.


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Author Bio : 

Amy Kathleen RyanAfter I finished my studies, I decided to try writing something different from Shadow Falls. I wanted to try writing something more lighthearted and funny, but that still had some substance to it. This is how Vibes was born. I had heard of that elusive creature, the book that wrote itself, but I had not experienced it before Vibes. Kristi was such a strong character, with such a strong voice, that the story just poured out of me. In four months, I had finished it. After one or two quick revisions, I sent it to my agent, who quickly found a very enthusiastic publisher for it.
Now I write full time in my house in Colorado, where I live with my cute fluffy dog and my cute unfluffy husband. Being a full time writer is a dream come true.

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