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Knee Deep : Book Review : Blog Tour

Knee Deep

Title : Knee Deep
Series : -
Author : Jolene Perry
Pages : 176
Release Date : May 1st 2012
Publisher : Tribute Books
Format : ePub
Source :
*Thanks to Tribute Books for the eBook provided for the blog tour and honest review!*

My Opinion :

I was so thrilled when the blog tour host accepted for me to be on the blog tour. I had heard quite a few good things about this book, and the premise really sounded interesting to me.

Contemporary - and fantasy - fans will love KNEE DEEP

Jolene Perry takes you into the world of Ronnie Bird and Shawn, Ronnie's boyfriend. Shawn is what Ronnie calls 'her soulmate'- or so she believes. The book begins with them all lovey-dovey and nice, until Shawn starts getting more jealous of anything and everything. It starts affecting the way Ronnie does everything, and she begins being afraid of him. And then he starts hurting her. But... could he really do that? Ronnie believes it'S just because things aren't going well at home. But should she let him? And Luke, her lifelong friend, is starting to worry for her.

I loved that the book has different aspects to it; the Romeo and Juliet play, Luke, even Ronnie's best friend.

The love between Ronnie and Shawn was really heart-breaking. But, I thought Luke and Ronnie's forming love throughout the book was beautifully crafted! Bravo to Perry!

I know that this book deals with a harsh issue, and I find that more people should read books that discuss it, so that it never happens, and that if it does, that people react faster.

Knee Deep hypnotized me from start to finish.

This book may be really short, but sometimes the quality beats the quantity; as it did for this book. I felt connected to the book in a weird way; I cheered for the main character, Ronnie, to find a way to get away from Shawn. I just wanted her to be safe.

A great read I'd recommend to anyone looking for a great contemporary.

Rating :

4.5 roses!

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