Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Where Do I Buy My Books, You May Ask?

A lot of people wonder where to buy books... since I live in Canada, I buy my books here (Chapters/Indigo).

But a lot of people I know from GoodReads don't live in Canada, and have a hard time finding where to buy books. Well, I know for sure where books are delivered for free almost all around the world... it is....The Book Depository!! Of course, I haven't ordered a book from them yet, so I can't talk about the service and other things, but I can sure as hell tell you I save a little on each books! Anyways, this post is also to know... where do YOU buy your books? Is it a webshop or just a bookstore?

So... comment and tell me; if you want, detail!!


  1. I'm also from Canada, so I go to Chapters/Indigo and I loooove it there, I could spend so much time in there and not get bored :)

    I have bought a book from The Book Depository, I got it really fast and am very happy with the service.

  2. Cool :D

    I don't have a Chapters near me, but I buy them online.