Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Goddess Test : Book Review

                                         The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)

                                     Title : The Goddess Test
Series : Goddess Test #1
Pages : 267
Author : Aimee Carter
Publisher : Harlequin Teen
Format : eBooks
Source : Owned - Bought

My Opinion : The Goddess Test is a remarkable debut for Aimee Carter! It sucks the reader into the story, and doesn't let him/her come out... ever.

I really loved this book because I love  anything that has to do with Greek and/or Roman mythology (hence my love for Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus). You may find it weird, but I love the story of Hades and Persephone. I really like the gods in the mythology. In the book, the Greek mythology is actually lived by the main character, Kate, and is described not by mythology, but by their way of living. Of course, Kate thinks that's weird too, and I agree with her. But here's the thing... she has to pass seven test... YEP SEVEN!!!  And it is the Seven Deadly Sins she has to pass.... oh my! But, you may ask, how did she get into this bullpoopie (this word comes from Zoe in the House of Night series)... well... the thing is... one of her former-enemies, now friends, Ava,  kills herself accidentally by diving into a river, then Henry no Hades um... Henry comes and offers her to save her friends' life, after asking her if she knows the story of Persephone... and she accepts... which means she agreed to try and pass the test that killed so many girls before her. Now, you are asking yourself... why does Hades want to get another wife? Well, that's because Persephone fell in love with a mortal and Hades let her go (yep, he's not that bad and evil as he's normally described...)... so yeah... READ THE DAMN BOOK!

I really loved the characters and how they were described and built. I think the characters made a whole lot of difference in this book; if they hadn't been that well described, the book wouldn't have been that great. My favorite had to be Ava... she reminded me of one of my former friends... just less bitchy... (ah... nostalgia...)

The setting also work big in the book. I really love the way the other described it. :D

The cover is drop-dead gorgeous! I love it... it's so cute and, I think it represents well the book :D