Sunday, January 01, 2012

Open Minds: Book Review

                                                  Open Minds (Mindjack Trilogy, #1)

Title : Open Minds
Series : Mindjack Trilogy #1
Pages : 302
Author : Susan Kaye Quinn
Publisher : Self-Published
Format : eBook
Source : Nook - Bought

My Opinion : I am so happy to have seen this book randomly on GoodReads; I can't thank GoodReads enough for it!

Open Minds evolves around Kira Moore, a zero; someone who can't read everyone's mind. Because, you know, in the future, it's normal to read people's mind, because of a kind of drug that got in the water everywhere. Yeah. Weird. But it turns out she can actually jack into peoples mind. Which means she can control their minds. Yep, that's better! Until everything turns sour...

I love e-ve-ry character in the Open Minds book. Kira was cute, Simon was hot, Raf was sweet, Molloy was... creepy, and any other had a story of his/her own and an awesome author describing him/her.

The writing is fast-paced, yet it's still a little slow; it always kept me on the edge. It was flowing, melting, like meat melts on my tongue (I know, weird comparison).

The cover is so awesome on my Nook! I love it: it's special and intriguing.


5/5 roses

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