Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dead Until Dark : Book Review

Summary : Sookie Stackhouse is a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. She' s quiet, keeps to herself, and doesn't get out much. Not because she's not pretty. She is. Its just that, well, Sookie has this sort of "disability". She can read minds. And that doesn't make her too dateable. And then along comes Bill. He's tall, dark, handsome --- and Sookie can't hear a word he's thinking. He's exactly the type of guy skids been waiting for all her life ... 

But Bill has a disability of his own: He is a vampire with a bad reputation. He hangs with a seriously creepy crowd, all suspected of --- big surprise --- murder. And when one of Sookie's coworkers is killed, she fears she's next ...


My Opinion : Well, it's official, I have found a new vampire series to read! After having read the Twilight Saga and the Vampire Academy series, I didn't think I'd find another series that I'd enjoy as much. But I did!

Charlaine Harris' writing was fast-paced, funny, sometimes dark, and a piece of art. I enjoyed the quickened pace and the sometimes dramatic scenes between Bill and Sookie.

Bill was a great character. He didn't have much of a personality, but I still liked him. Sookie was the one with the funny and  nice personality that a great series needs. 

I recommend this funny as well as dark vampire series, which was also adapted into a TV series called True Blood.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book in the series,

5/5 stars.

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