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Dead to You : Book Review

Dead to You 
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Title :  Dead to You

Series :  -
Author : Lisa McMann
Pages : 243
Release Date : Feb 7th 2012
Publisher : Simon Pulse
Format : Hardcover
Source :  Library - Borrowed

My Opinion :

Dead to You is fast-paced and heart-wrenching. You don't want to miss. Seriously.

Well, that starts off a review well, doesn't it? Hehe :D

I've read most of Lisa McMann's books; I read her Wake trilogy, Cryer's Cross and The Unwanteds (I am awaiting impatiently for the sequel to Unwanteds! eeeep!), and I loved/liked every single one of them! Lisa McMann is such a great author!

Dead to You is about Ethan De Wilde, a now 16 years old boy who got abducted at 7 years old. He has just returned to his family, but he can't seem to remember anything about when he got abducted or before. He 'remeets' his long-lost girl best friend (long lost... because... well. he got abducted, you know), and he learns that he now has a 6 years old little sister. And, he 'remeets' his parents and brother. And... things don't go too smooth. Or smooth at all.

This was a really easy book to read. Easy in the way that the writing is easy to read - not the story. The plot is, in itself, incredibly sad, because Blake, Ethan's brother, doubts that Ethan is really Ethan. He thinks it's suspicious that Ethan doesn't remember anything. And so, he's really not nice to Ethan... but, Blake, doesn't it occur to you than this Ethan doesn't know if he'S the real one. Maybe he thinks he is. But, that doesn't make him a jerk! I mean, come on, Blake!

Blake... I just plainly hated him! As I just mentioned, he could have been nicer to Ethan! I MEAN COME ON! It'S as if he's your arch enemy of something! And, if he'S not your brother, doesn't mean he's a bad person! I mean, Blake, you really deceived me.

Ethan is, I have to say, a bit weird. I mean... he talks about his abductor, Ellen (or Eleanor as he lies in the book to his parents and everyone) as if he loves her. I mean; WHY WOULD YOU LOVE/LIKE SOMEONE WHO STOLE YOU FROM YOUR FAMILY? HELLOOOOOOOOOOO! (Sorry... it just seems so weird! *shakes head* *sighs*)

I really liked Dead to You; I actually read it in one sitting! Which is, for me, something that doesn't happen regularly, since I normally read a 20 minutes here and an hour there. It was suck a quick read it took me an hour and a half! It was just so good, it kept me reading!

Dead to You is GREAT! I  enjoyed so much!


4 roses!

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Author Bio : 

Lisa McMannLisa McMann lives and writes in the Phoenix area. Her books include the NYT bestselling paranormal WAKE trilogy, CRYER'S CROSS, DEAD TO YOU, and the dystopian fantasy series beginning with THE UNWANTEDS. (Book 2, Unwanteds: ISLAND OF SILENCE, comes out Sept 11, 2012).

You can find more info at Lisa'a website,, interact with her on Facebook or Twitter, or ask questions and find answers on her page.


  1. tbx4 the review
    i've givin up on her books
    gr8 reviews

  2. I like your review.
    But this book sounds sooo sad. I don't think it is a book that I should read. I can't handle sad stories.