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Cold Fury : Book Review

Cold Fury
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Title : Cold Fury
Series : Cold Fury #1
Author : T. M.  Goeglein
Pages : 313
Release Date : July 24th 2012
Publisher : Putnam Juvenile / Penguin Canada
Format : ARC
Source :

*Thanks to Penguin Canada for providing COLD FURY in exchange of an honest review!*

My Opinion :

Cold Fury had a, surprisingly, compelling feel to it. I say 'surprisingly' because I wasn't expecting too much of the book.

Kick-ass debut! Although, I can say that I would have preferred more romance.

Although Cold Fury has about 0.01% of romance, and that I am a huge romance fan, I still found myself pulled into the entertaining story that Goeglein created.

In Cold Fury, we meet Sara Jame Rispoli, the daughter of the boss of 'The Outfit', a mafia group. Except she only discovers that she really is after her mom, dad, and little brother get captured- or worse, are dead. All of this because of the stupid 'notebook'; the best weapon to getting into The Outfit. Now, many people are after the notebook- and her, because she's got it. All she wants is her family back, and she'll use anything to get them back- even the notebook.

I couldn't stop turning the pages, because I wanted to see how the book ended... then I saw on Goodreads that this was a series! WHY, OH WHY! *sigh*

I liked Max and Doug, Sara Jane's friends, although I would have liked Sara Jane's and Max's almost non-existent romance had a bigger part in the book!

A perfect book for boys; action-packed and awesome!

I'm pretty sure this would make an awesome movie! With its awesome plot, and it's non-stop action, it would definitely attract teenagers.

A thrill-ride from the beginning till the end!

Rating :

3.5 roses

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