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Revived : Book Review

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Title : Revived
Series :  -
Author : Cat Patrick
Pages : 336
Release Date : May 8th 2012
Publisher : Little, Brown Books for YR / Hachette Book Group Canada
Format : Hardcover
Source :  
**An hardcover copy was provided by Hachette Book Group Canada in exchange of an honest review**

My Opinion :

Revived was great and suspenseful! 

I was thrilled to receive this book, since I had read Forgotten by the same author and I really liked it! And, of course, the AMAZING cover made me even more excited. I mean, who doesn't like an awesome cover that draws you in?

Revived is about Daisy, a girl who has been revived 5 times. Being Revived means coming back from death. It's a drug called Revive that gets you back alive. And, every time you have to be Revived, you have to change your name and go away. But, God, the person who has created the Revive program, is starting to get crazy by killing people who know about thte program and shouldn't. Like Matt, Daisy'S boyfriend and Audrey (Audrey is Daisy's best friend) 'S brother. Because Daisy has told him all about the program. But, when Audrey dies of cancer... they try the drug on Audrey, even though it can't work on cancer.

The writing in Revived wasn't anything that special, but it was pretty fast-paced, although sometimes there wasn't enough action, it was pretty good.

Although... I thought the romance wasn't believable. I mean.... Daisy sees Matt once in English, and then she gets a crush, then she finds out he's Audrey's brother and they fall in love. It just.... I didn't think it was believable enough, and if you know me, I love romance. But, the romance has to be done good, or else it's just not really romance, for me :S

Daisy was, at times, annoying, especially when she tried being like a stupid teenager. I mean, even if you don,t want to get noticed, you don't have to act. *sigh* But, at other times, she just felt awesome and nice.

Matt was sometimes annoying too... he kept getting angry, then being nice, then going back to being angry. That just frustrated me :S BUT... he was cute at times.

I think what I liked best in Revived was the main plot. The thing about being brought back from the dead, and not being like a zombie... it was just a fresh idea.


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Author Bio : 

Cat PatrickCat Patrick is an author of books for teens. Her debut novel, FORGOTTEN (available now), is about a girl who can remember the future instead of the past, and was praised by NYT bestselling author of Thirteen Reasons Why, Jay Asher, as a "mindbending," one-sitting read. The book is being translated into 21 languages and Paramount bought the movie rights, with True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld attached to star as the main character, London Lane.

Patrick's second (unrelated) novel, REVIVED, is about a girl who's part of a secret government program to test a drug that brings people back from the dead. REVIVED will be available in the US May 2012, and in the UK and Australia Summer 2012.

Patrick lives near Seattle with her husband and twin 3-year-olds, and is afraid of zombies, planes, and zombies on planes.

Visit her online at

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