Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Letter To My Younger Self...

So, Julie Cross, the author of Tempest, is doing a giveaway on her blog. And what's fun is that you have to write a letter to your younger self. 

You can see my letter there, but I didn't put everything I wanted... so that's why I'm rewriting it here. This is kind of personal, but it tells all of you roses more about myself : 

Hello dear 11 years old self,

it's me, your 13 years old future self! Yep... I'm taller than you * sticks tongue out * and older. So, yeah.. let's get to the heavy stuff...

So, now you,re in Fifth grade and you feel sooooo like a big kid.... I hate to burst your bubble, but you're not really. Now, don't think I'm harsh, I'm just telling the truth! Because... I'm in high school now... yup! Oh, and, High School isn't that hard... so don't be stressed out about that!

So, you,re not really good in English yet, though you manage to get Bs and B+s... but wait until you read this saga... you know, the Twilight Saga, which at first you'll be so scared of, because of the vampire. But trust me, vampires are sexy, hot, gorgeous and you want to kiss them. So, just jump on the book and read it already! You'll love it, as well as the whole series, and it'll be the only thing that gets your attention for months!
Also, mom and dad will think you've been washed off the planet... because you almost never talk to them since you're nose is always in a book. You can quote any part of the series, and your English is getting really better.... but wait until you find that great and awesome site about books... which I won't mention.

But, well, now I've got a great book blog with awesome book blogger friends!

But for now, you're really lacking of self-confidence in your grades and your appearance. But, please be strong even if people call you a giraffe and the CN tower. But trust me, you'll laugh about it in two years... well, not always, but you will. And you'll still be the nerd of your class in high school, just so you know.

Also, that guys you really hate in the class, you know B... well you'll meet a stupider and meaner a** in high school that,ll bully one of you two new best friends, and you'll want to redo his face. And cut his head off to stuff it, then put it on your wall. So, B isn't bad after all, he's just a stupid kid who wants attention. But the other kid in High School... well, steer clear of him.

Oh, also, cherish the time you get with grand-ma... she'll die in the summer from a bad fall (well, the consequences of a bad fall), then your grand-pa, two months after her death, will start going out with a women. So, yeah... *cough*  *cough*

Your 13 years old and a bit more wiser self who loves books.

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  1. I can relate to the grandparents. That was a pretty pErsonal letter.